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[A] [Stormrage] <Murloc Inc> (7/9H) LF DPS and 1 Healer with DPS OS

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Murloc Inc (7/9H)
  • Welcome all you tadpoles, to Murloc Inc! We are a fresh guild looking for serious players wanting to farm Heroic ToS and push into Mythic. We aim to clear content in a reasonable time frame and to push ourselves to the best of our abilities. In doing that, we strive to work as a team and to help each member of the raid team be the best possible raider that they can be. To further that aim, we run mythic+’s at the top of our ability to push, grow, and get better gear. If you have any questions, respond here or add me to btag: Solitary#1364



  • Recruitment Needs: As we are a new guild, we are open to all applicants (see below for requirements to join) Needs:
  • Classes:
  • High - Mage/Druid/DK
  • Medium - Monk/Shaman/Priest
  • Low/Full - Hunter/Warlock/Paladin Roles:
  • Heals: Low demand currently. Have 4, but a spare would be most welcome with a dps OS.
  • DPS: We are about even in ranged/melee dps but still have vacancy for 7 positions
  • Tanks: Full currently. Open to DPS with tank OS.
  • Requirements to Join: -Apply at: https://murlocincstormrage.enjin.com/recruitment
  • Artifact weapon MUST have concordance (rank 1) minimum
  • Minimum ilvl of 905
  • Must have logs to review
  • Must agree to the two-week minimum trial period Requirements to remain on the Raid Team:
  • Cannot miss more than 2 raid nights a month without prior notice -If you are more than 30 minutes late without prior notice, you are automatically benched for the night
  • You must be fully enchanted/gemmed
  • You must have your own flasks available (1 cauldron will be provided each night)
  • Feasts are provided before each boss pull. Have alternative food available.
  • You must have potions (prolonged power is sufficient)
  • Pre-pot/potting both are expected
  • DPS are evaluated based on logs on an ongoing basis. Higher parses (upper blue and purple) are expected.


  • Raid schedule: 9-11:30 EST
  • Tuesday – Fun Raid Night
  • Friday – Required Attendance
  • Saturday – Required Attendance
  • Raid Nights: Invites at 8:45 Pulls at 9:00


  • Must Have Add-ons:
  • RCLootCouncil
  • Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) or BigWigs
  • BestinSlot


  • Loot Council consists of the RL and Officers. A random member of the raid team will also participate. This member is determined by random roll at the beginning of each raid night.

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