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[Dawnbringer/Madoran][A] <Rendition> (8/9H ToS) Looking for players

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Rendition is a laid back, drama free raiding guild on the Dawnbringer/Madoran merged servers.  We pride ourselves on being very social and interactive with our members throughout the week with various activities, such as alt raiding and many Mythic/Mythic + guild groups pushing highest keys possible.  We strive to work with our members to help them through all content and develop their characters.  We also enjoy a healthy sense of humor and picking on each other as well as ourselves.  While not a primary focus of the guild, several members enjoy PVP content as well and would be willing to expand on this with more interest.

Our core progression raid schedule is:

•    Tuesday: 7 – 10pm
•    Wednesday: 8:30 – 10:30pm

Currently we are working heroic Tomb of Sageras and are looking to expand our raid group.  Our first priority is to expand our core heroic raid with like-minded players who value quality game time.  Our focus is to build a well-balanced team that works in tandem with each other and avoid drama.  Our secondary goal will be to build up to take on Mythic content once heroic is on farm.   Prior to ToS, we’ve successfully complete all heroic content / AoTC for Legion raids.

Primary openings are for Ranged DPS, DPS w/ offspec heals, or a monk healer, though all classes and specs will be considered.

If interested in applying, check out our website at http://rendition.guildlaunch.com/.  You can also reach out to recruitment officers in game: TooSixy#1248 or Aremus#1371

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Just want to updated that after a short break, we are back at it and working to down Heroic KJ.  We are looking to expand on our core team to be able to take on Mythic content in Antorus and beyond.

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