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Timeless Drops for a Protadin

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I have a low ilvl healer paladin alt I'm starting to focus a little bit on.

His offspec is currently retri but I'd like to give a go to tanking as the offspec.


Seeing as Timeless isle tokens are a nice way to get my ilvl close to 500 (yes, his gear is that low) I was wondering if i should put the lootspec Prot or Ret.


Seeing the stat prio for protection consists mainly of "dps stats" I'm wondering if the lootspec is smart enough to give me haste+accuracy items over avoidance items, or should i go with retri lootspec and sell away the crit items i might get?




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Hi Ceraius


I believe retribution is the best lootspec because we mainly need DPS stats. Protection lootspec gives dodge/parry items which aren't very useful. The only time I put mine on protection during LFR/Flex, is when that particular boss drops a weapon/shield/trinket. You might get a dodge/parry/... tank item this way, which is usable if the current item in that slot is really bad, but usually I just disenchant it.

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