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[Scarlet Crusade/Feathermoon] [A] <Divine Brilliance> (2/11H)

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Guild Recruitment info | Divine Brilliance [Alliance]:

    Server: US Scarlet Crusade / Feathermoon(Merged)
    Realm Time(Zone): Pacific
    Raid Nights: Friday and Sunday: 8pm - 11pm PST

About Us:
Divine Brilliance has never complied with the standards of being a "pure" raiding guild. While it is our primary concern, our family friendly atmosphere allows for a wide range of players in order to hang out and have fun while taking down bosses and progressing on par to release of content. We aim to have heroic content downed and be working on Mythics by end of xpacs!

With that goal in mind, we run the older raids and heroics in order to keep everyone at pace with the raiders who have ventured into current raids. In the end, our main concern is that RL (Real Life) comes first and that everyone has fun.

Our Current Progression is:
Antorus the Burning Throne
7/11 Heroic
10/11 Normal

Tomb of Sargeras || 9/9H/N
The Nighthold || 9/9H/N
Trial of Valor || 3/3H/N
Emerald Nightmare || 1/7M 7/7H/N
We are looking for raiders who are...
Dedicated players
Knowledgeable in their class
Positive and mature
Able to maintain awareness to surroundings
Have a stable Internet connection and computer
Able to attend a majority [85%] of the raids.

Our Raid Times are:
Friday & Sunday: 8pm - 11pm PST /list]

Recruitment List:
Tank: Anything Non DK
Melee: Paladin*, DK*, DH
Ranged: Warlock*, Hunter*, Shaman*, Priest, Mage, Boomkin
Healer: Paladin*, Monk*, Priest
* indicates higher priority.
Welcome to apply if your class is not listed, but we are mainly looking for the above!
For More information...
Visit our website at:

Lyrasanna [Guild Leader/Raid Leader] Lyra#1749
Snafi [Officer]
Saretha [Officer]
Camryn [Officer]
Anyasta [Officer]
Oemmgee [Officer]
Dalamas [Officer]
Trainwoowoo [Officer]
Acnologia [Officer]
Or to Apply...
Visit <divine-brilliance.enjin.com> and hit "Recruitment".

Misc Links:

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