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[Firetree][H] <Focus Please> (8/9H)

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Focus Please- Firetree- Horde
Est. Aug 2017

Tuesday, Thursday 830pm-1200am est
Monday optional/alt run

Guild Mission (who are we?)
• Focus Please is a semi-hardcore guild that raids 2 days a week and above all else, seeks to have fun.
• What differentiates us is:
• Tenured Players – many on our team have been progression raiders since early Vanilla.
• Skill – we clear through heroic tiers in a timely fashion and push into mythic content. Many of our core members rank highly in a variety of content which can be reviewed on warcraftlogs and wowprogress.
• Understanding – most of us are working adults (some with families), and we accommodate those who need to keep their schedules flexible due to real life commitments as long as those needs are communicated in a responsible manner. Additionally, we have a zero-tolerance policy with regards to homophobic and racial slurs. Depending on the severity, violation of this can result in demotions or expulsions from the guild.

Guild Goals (what are we working towards?)
• Focus Please considers itself a semi-hardcore guild, and as such has two goals:
• Completion of heroic raiding content prior to the release of the next tier.
• Progression through mythic raiding content as far as our top-performing raiders allows.

Guild Expectations (how will we get there?)
• Focus Please has two tracks for progression through heroic and mythic raiding content, due to the variance in difficulty and existence of o 20-player cap for mythic:
• Heroic: invitations for raid will be sent based on performance and attendance history. If you are unable to attend the full duration of the scheduled raid, then your invitation will be sent on a case-by-case basis. During heroic progression, if your performance does not meet an HPS or DPS benchmark for a particular fight, you may be asked to sit. You will still have the opportunity to showcase your performance in two ways – on encounters that are on “farm” (i.e. fights that the raid group has no difficulty completing) and in Myohic + runs with the guild.
• Mythic: invitations for raid will be sent with stricter performance benchmarks than heroic, due the 20-person cap. If you are unable to attend the full duration of the scheduled raid, then your invitation will be sent on a case-by- case basis. Individuals may be asked to sit on certain fights based on encounter-specific needs in order to continue progression.
• Focus Please has three main categories: Trial and raider, and mythic plus runner. Raiders will have priority on invitations, loot, and a daily stipend for repairs. Promotions to raider are contingent upon attendance and performance based on appraisals (and vote) by guild leadership.

• Always accepting exceptional players, but specifically we are looking for:


Wow Progress link

Logs of some top players in guild


Rakhár https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/firetree/rakhár#rankingmetric=bossdps

We do not have an application form. We just go right into tryouts, so if you are interested send any of the following officers an in game message.

Rakhár - Ixiled#1908
Darzab - Darzab#1148
Rowker - Honeyhams#1247
Gwydion- Theedon4life#1340

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Hey @FocusPleaseGuild,

I updated your title to follow the rules. If you want the title to read something different (or if the information I added is incorrect), let me know and I will change it to reflect both your wish (or the correct information) and the rules.

Best regards,

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