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[Grizzly Hills][A] The Ruffian Posse - 8/9N Heals/DPS

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  • Tuesday and Thursday 7pm - 9pm Server
  • Heals: Resto Shaman or Mistweaver Monk
  • DPS: Warrior / Rogue / Shadow Priest / Shaman
  • Preferred iLevel around 900, willing to work with the right people
  • Progression: 8/9 Normal 1/9 Heroic


  • Battle Tag: Kalinakov#11638
  • Discord: Kalinakov#7485

The Ruffian Posse is a casual yet dedicated group of folk making their way through current Legion content. We are looking for a few more easy going yet dedicated folks to round out our all-star cast of misfits.
Specifically we are looking for a healer to round out our current roster of a holy paladin and a disc priest. We've got quite a few mail and leather classes so to maximize gear efficiency we're looking to add either a Resto Shaman or a Mistweaver Monk.
We're also seeking some additional DPS to go with our new healing buddy. We're currently not running any full time warriors, rogues, shadow priests or shaman. We'd like to get out claws into one or two of these classes to diversify our raid make-up.

We're a laid back group. We're not going for server first kills. We do have a shorter window for raiding so we like to get in and get stuff done without too much standing around idle. You can except some lively discord chat with some more adult language. The guild is fairly active during prime time with groups doing higher level mythic +'s pretty regular. We like to get people who are laid back and chill and want to be active with the group. The guild does not have any cliques. That can be pretty rare with established guilds. We're also not about just inviting anyone who will accept an invite. We tag folks that fit the group and enjoy running with our crew. Quite a few of our member ship were random pugs that just happened by in the group finder one day and enjoyed rolling with the guild so much they transferred their toons to become a member. That should speak to what kind of guild environment the Posse presents when people are willing to up and move their toons because they've enjoyed the atmosphere that much. I was one of those myself.

If you're interested in knowing more or want to run with us on a Tuesday or a Thursday so both sides can check each other out, hit me up in game or on Discord and we'll see what we can get going.

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