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Thoughts on the meta so far?

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I have been enjoying the KotFT meta so far.  My only one complaint is druid.  It isn't that I feel that druid is too strong or anything, there are just so many archetypes that are being played it is almost impossible to mulligan correctly for them.  I have around a 70% win rate with miracle rogue currently and almost every loss has been to a druid (and all but one has been a loss because of my mulligan, the other loss was because I went wide on the board thinking it was some sort of rampy druid and he played Spreading Plague and blew me out with buffs).  Aside from that, control warlock looks like it might gain some traction, hard to say though since most of the decks I have been seeing are non aggro, and when they come back it might force control lock out of the meta again.  I am also pleasantly surprised with highlander priest, been doing quite well for me.  75% win rate, but only 8 games played so take that with a grain of salt.

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I haven't had too much time to play due to work but from what I have played I've enjoyed.  I'm happy that Warlock finally has something to work with. Naturally I'm happy with Priest and I'm happy that we are starting to see new Archetypes. 

TL;DR  I'm happy with it. ;) 

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