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This is Floatingicy from Stormrage. My Btag:

I just came back to the game for 4 days where I left 1 year ago, and I am still on the way to come back to raid .... so I think the shitty gears or progression I have now should not be a permanent problem.

I am looking for a normal guild to have fun raiding while pushing toward further, one with alt-gearing-up event will be sweet. If not, given time I could also get prepared for Heroic by myself. And if you have plans for 7.3 I would be gleeful to make a long stay. I prefer after 9pm. est raiding time(Westerner u know) and any day is fine.

I used to be the top dps in my guild downing mythic Arch and pushing Xavious a year ago, so I assure you I have what it takes from a mythic raider or to do all other simpler things. These may not be apparent to you from my current look, but if I am offered a chance I would be happy to prove myself to you.

You can contact me here or in game.

Thanks a lot for your notice!


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