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[Steamwheedle-Cartel][H] <Crimson Blood Clan> (6/9 H) Recruitment

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Crimson Blood Clan


Formed in 2006, our guild has been stable and actively raiding for over a decade.

Horde: PVE/RP connected realms (Originated on Steamwheedle Cartel, now connected to Kirin Tor and Sentinels)

Active discord server, website, and guild perks open to all members. 


Our Current Raid Progress, and Schedule

We are 9/9 regular and 6/9 heroic

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 6:30-9:30PM Server Time.


Current Schedule Details: Tuesday we clear regular TOS and move into heroic in the same evening. Wednesday is our heroic push night, and if we have enough raiders on Monday we run further heroic progression.  If we do not have enough on Mondays, we move to mythic plus dungeons or other guild activities.  This schedule is subject to change slightly over time as we make further progress.

What we’re looking for:

1. DPS classes of all kinds.

2. Players looking for a raid team but also for a guild to call home.


Things You Should Know Before Joining Crimson Blood Clan Raids:

- We ask that applicants be ILvL 900-910+ (some exceptions can be made)

- Every raider, new and old, is subject to the same priority-based loot system regardless of role and rank.

- We take a relaxed and fun approach to raid progression, yet expect all raiders to strive and improve whenever possible.

- We maintain a fun, mature and positive raid environment and expect all raiders and guild members to do the same.

- Perfect attendance is not mandatory, but is appreciated and viewed as an asset.



Coldtoes at DaFreaknRicn#1301 or/

Onyx at Onyx#12514

Apply Here:


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