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Fury DPS Help

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Without logs, we're not really able to tell you what you're doing wrong.

There's a number of addons that will automatically log combat while in game when you enter a raid. You can also do it manually.

1. When in game, type "/combatlog". (You'll get confirmation that logging has started.)
2. When you're done with the raid, type "/combatlog" again. (You'll get a confirmation that logging as stopped.)
3. Go to http://www.warcraftlogs.com, create an account, and download their client.

You can then use the client to upload the logs to their website. It's all pretty straight forward and easy to do. When you have logs of a fight (preferably single target encounters like Goroth), you can post them here for review.

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I would say you not pulling out high dps due to:

1. not good legendary combination (the core build is helm and pants for single target)

2. your haste is really low while having too much critical strike, generally you should avoid critical strike on your gears. The minimum haste you need is 30%, beyond that you can go either mastery heavy build or continue on stacking haste.

3. with your item level and artifact progression (28) , i would say you wont be able to pull out more than 400k now, even if you have good legendary and good stat. Don't worried about that right now, since it will increase as your item level increase. (i do pull out 700K single target dps when i was 900ilvl in Nighthold progression with necklace and shoulder as my legendary at that time.)

I hope this is helpful to you, i'am currently 930 ilvl with fury as my main spec, i can tell you that fury scale really well with better gear and is fun to play once you master it. Good luck!

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Hey Fellolas.

First off, good job. You have some logs uploaded and it's Goroth; you did everything correctly there. It's not as difficult or daunting as it sounds, eh? =D

I'm gonna jump into your logs here in a bit but there's one thing I want to clear up, first:

1 hour ago, WLM said:

The minimum haste you need is 30%, beyond that you can go either mastery heavy build or continue on stacking haste.

Don't listen to this. Previously (quite some time ago), 30% haste was required to get an extra GCD into the Battle Cry window. Due to us now taking Reckless Abandon, the 30% is no longer necessary. Stat weights are dependent upon the gear you specifically have and the best way to determine what your weights are is to sim yourself with SimulationCraft or Raidbots. (Honestly, at this point, don't worry about this too much. Just know that it's not required anymore to have 30% haste.)

For a very general point of direction, however, you can safely assume your stat weights are Haste > Mastery > Versatility > Critical Strike > Strength. This simply means that Haste has a higher priority than Mastery, which is higher than Versatility, etc. Again, though, don't fret about this too much at this point.


There are some things you need to know prior to evaluating your performance:

  • You only have 28 points in your weapon. With this in mind, you only have one preferred relic trait of your three you have equipped. (You want Unrivaled Strength in all three sockets). Your weapon isn't helping you out right now as much as it could. With the release of 7.3, it's really easy to catch this weapon up.
  • As Fury, you're not using Umbral Moonglaives (Trinket). It is your BiS, along with Convergeance of Fate. While the trinket won't be your top damage dealer, it is useful and CoF will give you more Battle Cry windows than what you're currently able to have.
  • You had 0 consumables. No food, no flask, no potions used, no rune. While I realize it's LFR, these things (when all are accounted for) will bolster your numbers quite a bit. One here or one there won't make a difference (except for the potion), but using them all will give you an easy 15% more damage done.
  • The legendaries you have are not the best. They're not bad, mind you, it's just there are better options out there. Ideally you would want Ceann-Ar ChargerCeann-Ar Charger and Valarjar BerserkersValarjar Berserkers. The belt you have on is good strictly for constant AoE situations. It's not doing you any favors in single target.
  • None of your enchant-able gear is enchanted. (neck, cloak, rings). Again, while minor, this can only help your situation. Every point counts.


As far as your log goes, here's a few things to work on / consider:

  1. Your priority on abilities is off. For instance, there's a couple of times you double cast Furious Slash and, in the Fury rotation, that should never happen.
  2. You waited almost 40 seconds before you cast Battle Cry. In addition to this, not one of your uses of Odyn's Fury was inside a Battle Cry window. Odyn's Fury should be prioritized only during Battle Cry.
  3. Your activity time is rather low - and you didn't even die. In your log you had 87% activity time and this can realistically be 99% (even when properly executing the mechanics of Goroth). When you're not casting an ability, you're not doing DPS. There is always something to cast as Fury (even if you're waiting for certain CDs / abilities to line up)


If you haven't done so already, I would check out a couple of resources to get your started. I've linked them here for your convenience. I would read through these and then, once you feel you have an understanding, I'd put some work on a training dummy.

1. Archimtiros's Fury Warrior Guide (MMO-Champion)
2. Fury Warrior Guide (Here on Icy Veins)

I hope this helps get you started in the right direction. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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As an additional note, the next time you want to upload logs, please make sure Advanced Combat Logging is enabled before you type "/combatlog":

  • Hit Escape (by default)
  • Click "System"
  • Click "Network"
  • Check the box that says "Advanced Combat Logging"
  • Click "Okay"

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I took the liberty of jumping into an LFR, as Fury, and logging the fight (Goroth). You can find the log here:

Some things about this log; it wasn't perfect, honestly. I messed up two times that I counted while in combat and I haven't even looked at the log to see if I screwed up anywhere else. Also keep in mind that I have a much higher talented weapon than you (53 points), BiS trinkets, and I used food, flask, and combat potions.

Note the activity time is 99%. I executed mechanics (I ran and hid when I should have) and, even on the first cast of this ability, I jumped way too early and lost a few opportunities to cast more abilities. (I stood there for a few seconds doing nothing). Despite this, I still had 99% activity time. I point this out only to prove the point that you can properly handle boss mechanics and still have acceptable activity time on a boss.

Aside from this, unless you specifically compare percentages and casts, etc, you may not get a whole lot of use from it. It is just an example, at most, and a reference for you to check out / ask questions if you have them.

I think your best step at this point, as previous mentioned, is to get a better understanding of your rotation and then get some practice time on a target dummy to rework your muscle memory.

Again, if you should have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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Ok Please don't laugh at me but how do you get into Mythic dungeons? And should I be able to get into a Mythic Dungeon with my current gear? I have been reading the guide on Icy Veins and it says I have BiS on some of my gear even though it is LFR gear. 


On another note I try and do a random Heroic dungeon every day. Fury is my only spec so I do not spend any of my points for my weapon anywhere else. How or where can I go to get more points so I can raise my weapon points.

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You get into Mythic dungeons by either forming a group yourself or joining a group via the LFG panel. (Same window you queue up for LFR with). You're almost 900 equipped and that is sufficient for base Mythic dungeons.

Don't take any "BiS List" as definitive; even the ones here on Icy Veins. BiS is almost non-existent with very few exceptions (legendaries, trinkets) due to the fact that any piece can warforge or titanforge. To determine if a piece is better you can use SimulationCraft or Raidbots but, again, we'll leave this for another time. Right now we're just covering the basics.

You get more points by collecting Artifact Power. You should have Artifact Knowledge level 41 now (everyone got caught up with the launch of patch 7.3) so you should be drowning in Artifact Power. Go do a daily heroic, some world quests (anywhere; Broken Isles, Broken Shore, or Argus), run some heroic / mythic dungeons, do all of LFR if you have the time, mission boards, rares, treasure chests.... a multitude of ways to gather Artifact Power.

Once you obtain it, apply it to your Fury weapon and then put more points in it via the warrior class hall. You already have 28 points in your weapon so I presume you're familiar where to do this at.

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