[Ragnaros] [H] <Misled> (7/9M) LF Ranged DPS!

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About us
Misled is a guild floating somewhere between Semi-Hard Core and chill. We strive to get some decent progression while also keeping a good atmosphere.

Our focus is on Mythic raiding, so we stop clearing Heroic during main raid days after we have gathered most gear that we need. (We have a heroic/alt run on weekends!)

Our current progress is: 76/9 Mythic ToS

We are currently looking for a few stable raiders with the capability to have at least 85% attendance, to complete our roster.

We raid 3 days a week:
(From 19.20-22.30 Server Time)
(Sometimes we extend a bit if we are close to a kill.)

Minimum Requirements for applicants:
We require at the very least a clear investment in gear, AP, and Mythic+ farm.
We prefer someone with end-game raiding from previous expansions and experience in current content.
Properly enchanted and gemed should go without saying.

What we need
Ranged DPS - HIGH (Warlocks,, Hunters)
Healers - HIGH (Shaman)
Melee - Low

First, and foremost we want people with the right raiding mindset. This means you should be able to stand wiping while being able to maintain a happy outlook and learn from your own mistakes.

Secondly, we want people to have an intimate knowledge of their class and the will and ability to utilize this during raids. This means the ability to survive, properly do your role, and follow instructions.

Third, you should be able to take a joke. While we do respect each other, and we do have a very diverse background of players; we do like to poke fun and joke with each other when the timing is right. Keep in mind that all our raiders are over the age of 18, and we have a strong respect for each other.

Lastly, we require that you understand English, so that you can follow tactics and raid-leading.
We don't expect everyone to be talkative; however, calling a healing CD or something similar is useful to our raid.
We shouldn't need to translate everything we say.

What we have to offer
The current raid-group hails from all over the world, with a fairly wide age range from 18 to 50.
Fun, trolling, and general joking (and gambling) between pulls, on breaks, and on clears are there to keep the atmosphere fun, as long as the focus comes back when it is time for progress.

We have a few rules on our website, however, it is important to note that we do not appreciate excessive griefing or harsh jokes about someone's core values (Belief, religion, location, sexual orientation etc.).

Important Links:

If you're interested, contact Zoutpeper, Miadni, Amalisa, or ShockyD in-game or via
Zoutpeper (Zoutpeper#2272) Raid Leader
Miadni (Bronson#2410)Guild Master

You can also message any member in-game and they can direct you to an officer who may be on an alt, or may answer any questions you have.

Happy raiding :)

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Update on recruitment - We are currently looking for a resto shaman and a hunter or warlock! We just came back from an awesome 3rd annual IRL guild meet-up :) 

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