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Hello! Just another desperate warrior, seeking to improve in any possible way!

Im Seagaard, from Ravencrest:

Im struggling doing as much DPS as i would want, and i am looking into possible changes. I know a 4 set bonus will be an obvious improvement, but i just dont think that is the only thing that makes my dps lack. 

Here is a log of me wiping (alot) with my guild on Avatar.

I know its not much, but there is a couple of good tries in there. 

Any help or criticism is appreciated :)

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Good afternoon, Seagaard.

I want to apologize for not getting to your thread sooner; as I've explained to others today I've had a busy week and simply haven't had the opportunity to sit down and address these threads adequately. With that being said, I hope you're able to find this reply and I hope it helps.


Honestly, gauging wipes on logs is not the best. You can die at various times, numbers are a bit skewed due to deaths, problems overall in the encounter can force you out of an ideal situation. There's a lot so.... using wipes to evaluate performance is far from ideal. That aside, however, I was able to find an adequate log of yourself.

Goroth Heroic (4:14), September 6, 2017

With this log in mind, I've taken note of a couple things:

  • 100% on all consumables. Good job. Rune, food, flasks, and two potions. The only very minor thing I would change here is your food choice. You used 375 Mastery (which isn't bad) but the 500 strength from the Suramar feast is better.
  • You do not have your set bonuses from Tier 20. The 4PC is a significant damage boost that you don't have access to.
  • Your legendaries aren't the best; they're not bad, but they're not the best. Ideally you'd want the helm and a good secondary (which is usually the ring but as long as it's not a useless legendary it should be fine). The helm, though, is something you really want.
  • Your trinkets, on this log, are horrible. You have a Versatility stat stick and possibly the worst crit trinket you can have. I realize the loot gods may not be favorable but you really want to find better trinkets. Stat sticks, Engine of Eradication, Cradle of Anguish. If you find a stat stick, make sure it's Mastery and not Versatility.

As far as your rotation / priority execution goes, it's pretty clean with the gear you have. The only thing I found was that you mis-cast a Mortal Strike in your Execute phase just once. That's not bad at all. (You cast Mortal Strike with no stacks of Executioner's Precvision up). Everything else was on point.

So, in short, hope you get the legendary helm, definitely get your 4PC set bonus as a priority, and find some better trinkets. Once your gear is squared away, you'll find your numbers even higher than what they are. (With everything pointed out here, you still managed to hit almost 1M DPS; you're doing fine).

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