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Multi-Target Destruction Scale Factors/Stat Priority

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So with the new iteration of SimCraft more accurately representing the 5.4 changes, I fired up trusty ol' SimCraft to see how Affliction and Destro would act comparatively in a Single Target, Two Target, and Three Target Situation. Interestingly enough, Destruction was the clear winner in all of them


However, the crux of what I am asking is that, I have been lead to believe that as the number of targets increases, the relatively value of mastery increases for destruction. However upon running sclae factors for myself, I found that that was not the case. I found that as the number of targets increased, the value of haste greatly increased. This continued with each target added (As I said, ran 3 sims of Both Aff and Destro) up to the point where a single point of haste was overtaking a single point of intellect. 


This just doesn't seem right to me, and seems to be against what I have been told to believe previously. I was wondering if there is some mistake in SimCraft or was there something changed that I am unaware of? I would never have guessed for this to be the case.. well.. ever.


Attached are SS, can also link the full HTML files if requested I suppose



Edit: I am aware that the one of the glyphs used is Everlasting Affliction, but I ran it again changing that for Healthstone Glyph, it did not change anything in any way shape or form

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Have you looked at real logs of data and seen that Destruction is NOT the clear winner in all types of situations? 


Funny things happen in Simcraft when you just try to model things and values of stat weights start to go in and out of flux.  You're really talking about 1-2% changes when the overall message is you should be focusing on REAL DATA and improving your play, not your secondary stat reforges.


Simcraft models me at 230k single target in a stationary fight.  I do more than that while moving and having periods of no DPS.  Reliance on AMR and Simcraft will spell your doom. 

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