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<Gear Grinders Union> is a brand new guild on US - Zangarmarsh/Hellscream founded by a group of friends at 7-8/9 heroic ToS progression. We are currently seeking players who seriously want to progress and be a part of a consistent fluid raid team. We expect our members to show up on time for raids (when invites are going out not when scheduled raid time is supposed to start) prepared with food and flask, ready to give their 100% effort toward progression. If we have issues with any under performance from members, officers will have one one one meetings with these players to help them improve and become a more refined element to the raid team. Schedule is TBD for right now but we are looking at running on Tues/Thurs starting sometime between 7-9PM Central. If this sounds like could be a good fit for you or you are interested in joining please add my battle tag Tanisfly#1767 or leave your battle tag along with your class/spec and progression in response to this post.
Thanks for taking a look at us and hope to see you in game

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