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Halls of Valor Mythic

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    • By Stan
      Today, we're looking at the Mythic+ Tier List for Shadowlands Season 4 for the very first time.
      The following post is based on statistics provided by Subcreation, a website that gathers various Mythic+ data from live servers. Please note that the tier list is biased toward the top end because it only looks at the top 100 keys per dungeon per affix and it doesn't look at keys below +16 and untimed runs.
      Therefore, the data presented in this post will always differ from our Mythic Tier Lists maintained by our writer Petko.
      Data Reliability
      The data used in the post comes from Subcreation, a site maintained by Alcaras. Subcreation provides statistical analysis of Mythic+ dungeons, raids, and PvP in Shadowlands, and the data is provided via the Warcraft Logs API and Raider.io. If you'd like to support Subcreation, you can check out their Patreon.
      How the Data is Calculated
      The site looks at the top 100 keys per dungeon per affix across all regions and examines their raider.io scores. For each dungeon and specialization, the site takes the lower bound of a 95% confidence interval of the top 100 runs for each specialization. The site then averages these lower bounds, one per dungeon, to get an overall average lower bound for each spec, which is finally used to create the tier list.
      The site takes the lower bounds of the 95% confidence interval calculated and then clusters them into 6 buckets using the Ckmeans algorithm. You can find more information by reading the site's FAQ.
      Tanks, Healers, Melee, and Ranged are all on the same scale, they're just shown separately for easier comparison across roles.
      Mythic+ Tier List in Shadowlands Season 4 Week 1
      The specs are ranked based on their lb_ci which stands for the lower bound of a 95% confidence interval. If a certain tier is missing, it's not occupied by any specialization.
      Tank Tier List
      Based on 3,224 runs, ranging in difficulty from +16 to +28. 
      S-Tier: Blood Death Knight (161.65 lb_ci) B-Tier: Protection Warrior (152.41 lb_ci), Brewmaster Monk (151.13 lb_ci), Protection Paladin (150.49 lb_ci), Vengeance Demon Hunter (150.20 lb_ci) D-Tier: Guardian Druid (140.93 lb_ci)
      Healer Tier List
      Based on 3,224 runs, ranging in difficulty from +16 to +28.
      S-Tier: Holy Priest (161.29 lb_ci) B-Tier: Restoration Shaman (152.64 lb_ci), Holy Paladin (151.49 lb_ci), Mistweaver Monk (150.65 lb_ci), Restoration Druid (150.53 lb_ci) D-Tier: Discipline Priest (140.85 lb_ci)
      Melee DPS Tier List
      Based on 3,112 runs, ranging in difficulty from +16 to +28.
      S-Tier: Survival Hunter (161.92), Outlaw Rogue (159.37) A-Tier: Windwalker Monk (155.47) B-Tier: Havoc Demon Hunter (150.68), Fury Warrior (149.85) C-Tier: Arms Warrior (148.26), Enhancement Shaman (148.24) D-Tier: Frost Death Knight (143.93), Retribution Paladin (141.39) F-Tier: Feral Druid (104.25), Subtlety Rogue (99.34), Unholy Death Knight (98.20), Assassination Rogue (0.00)
      Ranged DPS Tier List
      Based on 2,935 runs, ranging in difficulty from +16 to +28.
      S-Tier: Destruction Warlock (161.76) A-Tier: Fire Mage (157.52)  B-Tier: Demonology Warlock (149.36) C-Tier: Shadow Priest (147.81), Marksmanship Hunter (146.95), Balance Druid (146.89), Elemental Shaman (145.59), Beast Mastery Hunter (145.05) D-Tier: Frost Mage (142.40) F-Tier: Arcane Mage (98.13), Affliction Warlock (13.53)
    • By Stan
      Our preview of the latest Dragonflight Alpha class changes with Monks.
      Bonedust Brew (Covenant Ability) returns as a talent. Hurl a brew created from the bones of your enemies at the ground, coating all targets struck for 10 sec. Your abilities have a 50% chance to affect the target a second time at 40% effectiveness as Shadow damage or healing. Brewmaster: Tiger Palm and Keg Smash reduces the cooldown of your brews by an additional 1 sec when striking enemies with your Bonedust Brew active. Windwalker: Spinning Crane Kick refunds 1 Chi when striking enemies with your Bonedust Brew active. Mistweaver: Gust of Mists heals targets with your Bonedust Brew active for an additional [ 42% of Attack Power ]. Brewmaster
      Test Breath Max_A (new talent) - Breathe fire on targets in front of you, causing [ 38.4% of Attack Power ] Fire damage. Deals reduced damage to secondary targets. Targets affected by Keg Smash will also burn, taking [ 26.64% of Attack Power ] Fire damage and dealing 5% reduced damage to you for 12 sec. Windwalker
      Spinning Crane Kick's healing and damage decreased by 5%. PvP Talents
      Healing Sphere (new PvP talent) - Child of Ohn'ahra creates a Healing Sphere. If allies walk through it, they consume the sphere, healing themselves for [ 140% of Spell Power ] and dispelled of all harmful periodic magic effects. (Instant, 3 charges, Costs 1.9% of Base Mana, 40 yd range, 15 sec recharge)
    • By Stan
      Redditor munk2 created an interesting concept of Leveling+ Seasons in WoW with old expansion content scaling to end-game difficulty and offering gear rewards relevant for current end-game content.
      The concept talks about Chromie Time being updated with Seasons. Each new leveling Season would be themed after an expansion, e.g. Season 1: Northrend Each season would consist of the zones and story quests from a single expansion, scaled to end-game difficulty. End-game difficulty would warrant gear rewards relevant for current end-game content.
      What do you think about the concept?
      Source: Reddit
    • By Stan
      Season 4 Encounter Journal is a lightweight addon that adds an extra dropdown option to the Adventure Guide for Season 4 as your "Expansion".
      Season 4 dropdown option functionality.

      Selecting Season 4 shows the dungeons that are currently on rotation.

      An example of Upper Karazhan loot browsing.

      You can download Season 4 Encounter Journal on Curseforge.
    • By Stan
      We've recapped the latest Hunter changes that went live on the Dragonfight Alpha.
      Beast Mastery / Marksmanship
      Bombardment (new talent) - Every 6 Arcane Shots or Chimaera Shots grants you the Bombardment effect, causing your next Multi-Shot to grant Trick Shots, regardless of how many targets were hit. Beast Mastery
      Beast Cleave - After you Multi-Shot, your pet's melee attacks also strike all nearby enemies for 100% 35% as much for the next 4 3.0 sec. Deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets. Bloody Frenzy (new talent) - Barbed Shot has a 15% chance to apply a second stack of Frenzy. Marksmanship
      Unerring Vision (new talent) - While Trueshot is active you gain 1% critical strike chance and 2% increased critical damage dealt every 1 sec, stacking up to 10 times. Survival
      Raptor Strike - A vicious slash dealing [ 126.5% 145% of Attack Power ] Physical damage. Kill Command - Give the command to kill, causing your pet to savagely deal [ 72.5% 83% of Attack Power ] Physical damage to the enemy. Has a 8% 25% chance to immediately reset its cooldown. Predator - Kill Command has a 8% 25% chance to immediately reset its cooldown. Mongoose Bite - A brutal attack that deals [ 113.9% 131% of Attack Power ] Physical damage and grants you Mongoose Fury. In addition to the changes listed above, Blizzard also outlined more Hunter changes for the next Alpha build.
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