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[Draenor][H]<The Laughing Coffin> Social/Raids/PvP - Recruiting all

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<The Laughing Coffin> Draenor - Horde

About us: We are a fairly new guild looking for some active social members, we are also planning on setting up raids in the near future when we have enough active members to start raiding. There are also casual PvP'ers in the guild and you are more than welcome to join and try to set up PvP teams. The owner of the guild is 'Saintnik' formally known as 'Jody'.


Be friendly

Respect others

No spamming

No racism or abusive comments

Raiding: We haven't started raiding yet as you have read above, so the times haven't been specified for raiding yet and we will try and make it at the best time possible for everyone. 
If you do not want to raid and still want a guild, you are more than welcome, this isn't a strictly raiding guild, it's a social guild.

Misc: If you do join the guild and you have a question about anything, don't hesitate to ask us, we are more than happy to help you, even if its something simple to helping you gear to set up for raiding.

If you wish to join a friendly social guild that also plans on raiding, please leave your details below or contact me on BNet 'DVA#21235' and we will invite you ASAP.

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1 hour ago, Blainie said:

What realm is the guild on? What faction? You need to include this in your title and post.

Sorry about that, i have updated it now

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On 26/09/2017 at 12:40 PM, Damori said:

Sorry about that, i have updated it now

No problem - thanks for adding it! :)

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