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Mythic Dungeon Invitational Global Spec Breakdown

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Slanderman has published an interesting breakdown of specs played during the first stage of the Mythic Dungeon Invitational. What the data tells us is that not all specs bring the much needed utility at high levels of play.

Specializations not present in the graphs haven't seen gameplay yet. Our latest MDI coverage can be found here.


Blood Death Knights and Guardian Druids are clearly dominating the competition, because both tank specs have a battle res. Guardians are able to increase the party's movement speed (Stampeding RoarStampeding Roar) and a they bring a powerful CC (TyphoonTyphoon). Blood Death Knights bring Vampiric AuraVampiric Aura and Gorefiend's GraspGorefiend's Grasp.


Damage Dealers

Melee DPS

Subtlety Rogues have an unparalled survivability and Shroud of ConcealmentShroud of Concealment. Arms Warriors are capable of massive AoE burst damage on a short cooldown.


Ranged DPS

Beast Mastery Hunters have a battle res (Eternal GuardianEternal Guardian) and lust (Ancient HysteriaAncient Hysteria). Balance Druids have great survivability (Bear FormBear Form + BarkskinBarkskin) and a battle res. The same applies to Affliction Warlocks (SoulstoneSoulstone). Mages and Shamans have lust.



Restoration Druids have a battle res (RebirthRebirth), great survivability (Bear FormBear Form) and Feral AffinityFeral Affinity. Holy Paladins bring utility in the form of Blessing of FreedomBlessing of Freedom & Blessing of ProtectionBlessing of Protection or Divine ShieldDivine Shield. Other specs have seen significantly less play mainly due to their lack of utility or battle res.


Slanderman also did a regional breakdown of specializations by region and you can find them here.


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8 hours ago, xvyrus said:

Really interesting data presentation, it really reflects the classes imbalance.

I suppose in this case though that even if every class was within 0.1% of each other, the results would likely still be the same. That 0.1% could be the difference between winning and lose, so they'll almost always take the same top choices. 

I can't see the graphs changing at all unless everything was perfectly balanced. Also, some classes are just far better balanced for other roles that you don't need in most M+ runs.

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22 hours ago, Blainie said:

I can't see the graphs changing at all unless everything was perfectly balanced.

I'd argue that even if everything was perfectly balanced, the community wouldn't realise it until after everyone decided on what the "strongest" specs are. So it still wouldn't change, and we would still see complaints.

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3 hours ago, Maruken said:

I'd argue that even if everything was perfectly balanced, the community wouldn't realise it until after everyone decided on what the "strongest" specs are. So it still wouldn't change, and we would still see complaints.

Yeah, very true as well. Even if every spec for a class was 100% perfectly balanced, if a top player of that class said one was better, most would follow.

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