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[Sargeras] [A] <Silmarillion> Recruiting All

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Do you want the ability to do content, but not the stress of a hardcore progression guild? Do you want to share the company of skilled and friendly players? Do you like all facets of the game? Have you always wanted to learn how to raid, but never had the people to do it with? If so, Silmarillion caters to these things. We’re a new guild with veteran Mythic raiders who just don’t have the time to progress at the same pace as a normal Mythic guild. Our plans involve PVP, raiding (normal, heroic and eventually mythic), and other PVE aspects such as Mythic+ (we love mythic+ pushing). We plan to start with Mythic+ to build a core group of players. 

We are just starting out, so bear with us during the recruiting process. We plan to expand to at least one raiding team, and our schedules will depend on our raiders—we have no plans to set specific days as of yet, because schedules are important.

Whether you are a veteran of WoW or a new player just starting out, Silmarillion aims to be a home where everyone can feel welcome, put their feet up, and enjoy the game, while getting some exciting achievements and loot along the way. We play on the Sargeras server, a high pop PVP server, or med pop depending on the time of day. 

For inquiries please contact: Coreilien, Moonbears or Boogaa

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I understand you have no progress as of yet, but when you do start raiding, don't forget to update your thread title. Thanks!

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