Askmrrobot telling me to reforge crit into mastery as fire

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I know that 4P T15N is supposed to be quite good for fire and generally thought I would keep it until I get 4P T16N, but I wanted to see if any of my available offpieces in bags were worth breaking the set and how big a difference it would make.

However, for some reason, when I use the "best in bags" feature of Askmrrobot, it starts telling me to reforge crit into haste/mastery. I can try manually overriding each of the pieces, but no matter what manual stat weigths I use or if I use the built in smart picker, the results are the same.


Current eq goes like this


And AMR is telling me to go this way



Anyone have an idea why? Also, since normal crit levels are so much below heroic, does the rule about not breaking 4P T15 still apply?



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Are you sure that the right specialization was set in the options of AMR? You might have been in arcane spec when you used the AMR addon in game.

These reforges look like to be for arcane mages. :)


About breaking or not breaking the tier bonus, the AMR can easily gove specific information just for you if it is set up right.

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Are you sure that the right specialization was set in the options of AMR? You might have been in arcane spec when you used the AMR addon in game.

These reforges look like to be for arcane mages. smile.png

That´s the thing - I haven´t touched on live since Cata, I´m fire all the way - it seemed to me like a bug, that´s why I was posting ;)

I can try it once again from scratch to see if the problem persists.

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Ok, so I tried it from scratch on another computer with the same results - even if my spec is fire both in game and on AMR and using default stat weights, AMR disregards them and reforges me out of crit. If I manually override the suggested reforges, the DPS estimate goes higher. I am quite sure that this is a bug in the "best in bags" optimization script.

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Hey, I answered your question over on the AskMrRobot forums but I thought I would add the answer here as well in case anyone else was wondering.


There is a high likelihood that you have Fire set as your offspec on AskMrRobot.


Here's an example of what this looks like with my Monk (Brewmaster main, Windwalker off):
^Main Spec
^Off Spec
The Main/Off toggle to the right of that image is what you need to toggle - I bet for your Fire spec it is set to offspec. Note the Primary/Secondary bit is just the order you chose those specs in-game.
The reason this is causing all of your gear to be reforged to Haste/Mastery is because Best-In-Bags works by reforging/gemming/enchanting all of your gear for your main spec (either Arcane or Frost) and then reusing those gear pieces as they are, as well as anything else available in your bag, to find the best spec for your offspec without modifying anything used for your main spec.
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