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Patch 7.3.2 Build 25163: Highlights

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The second Patch 7.3.2 PTR build contains a number of class changes, Antorus trinket updates and information about a secret (Mythic-only) phase in the fight against Argus the Unmaker.

Class Changes


  • Enraged MaimEnraged Maim - You deal (600% of weapon damage) Physical damage and incapacitate the target for 6 5 sec. Cooldown increased to 10 seconds (up from 6 seconds).


  • One with the PackOne with the Pack - Grants Wild Call a 30% increased chance to reduce reset the cooldown of Dire Beast.


  • Fire BlastFire Blast - Blasts the enemy for [ 188.8% of Spell Power ] Fire damage. Castable while casting other spells. Always deals a critical strike. Maximum 1 charges.

Tier 21 Set Tuning

Legendary Items in Patch 7.3.2

Stabilized EssenceStabilized Essence has been renamed to Stabilized EssenceAwoken Essence. In Patch 7.3.2, Legendary items can be upgraded to item level 1,000 (Awoken Titan EssenceAwoken Titan Essence).

Mythic Argus the Unmaker Abilities

Blizzard added spells in this build that hint at a secret (possibly Mythic-only) phase for the last boss of Antorus involving Sargeras (Echo of SargerasEcho of Sargeras).

  • Collective PunishmentCollective Punishment - Sargeras inflicts Collective Punishment on the target every 5 secs for 15 sec. Each strike inflicts 60,000,000 Shadow damage divided among players within 20 yards. Prepare for the judgment of Sargeras...
  • Sargeras' RageSargeras' Rage - Inflicts a player with Sargeras' Rage, causing them to release Unleashed Rage if any other players come nearby.
Unleashed RageUnleashed Rage - Inflicts 1,500,000 Shadow damage every 2 sec. for 30 sec to both the player with Sargeras' Rage and to any players who come nearby. This effect stacks.
  • Sargeras' FearSargeras' Fear - Inflicts a player with Sargeras' Fear, inflicting them with Crushing Fear if they are not within a short distance of another player.
    • Crushing FearCrushing Fear - Inflicts 2,500,000 Shadow damage every 2 sec. for 30 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Chains of SargerasChains of Sargeras - Inflicts 500,000 Shadow damage every 2 sec. as long as the player is attached to the Chains of Sargeras. This effect stacks.
    • Breaking the chain will cause Shattered BondsShattered Bonds - 1,500,000 Shadow damage every 2 sec. for 10 sec.


Argus Raid Trinkets

The Hounds of Sargeras

  • (Shadow-Singed FangShadow-Singed Fang)
    • Corruption of ShatugCorruption of Shatug - Your melee and ranged abilities autoattacks have a chance to increase your Critical Strike by 1,034 for 12 sec.
    • Flames of F'hargFlames of F'harg - Your autoattacks melee and ranged abilities have a chance to increase your Strength or Agility by 1,303 for 12 sec.


  • Gorshalach's LegacyGorshalach's Legacy
    • Echo of GorshalachEcho of Gorshalach - Your melee attacks have a chance to grant an Echo of Gorshalach. On reaching 15 applications, you lash out with a devastating combination of attacks, critically striking enemies in a 15 yd cone in front of you for 476,287 Fire damage.

Argus the Unmaker

The last boss of Antorus drops interesting trinkets with two affixes. Learn more about when they proc here. The following trinkets have received updates in build 25163:

  • Aggramar's ConvictionAggramar's Conviction
    • Mark of AggramarMark of Aggramar -Taking damage has a chance to increase your Armor by 1,197 for 15 sec. Approximately 2 2.2 procs per minute.
  • Eonar's CompassionEonar's Compassion
    • Mark of EonarMark of Eonar - Your healing effects have a chance to grow an Emerald Blossom nearby, which heals a random injured ally for 25,991 23,392 every 2 sec. Lasts 12 14 sec.
  • Golganneth's VitalityGolganneth's Vitality
    • Mark of GolgannethMark of Golganneth - Your damaging abilities have a chance to create a Ravaging Storm at your target's location, inflicting 46,470 61,960 Nature damage to all enemies within 6 yds over 6 8 sec.
  • Norgannon's ProwessNorgannon's Prowess
    • Mark of NorgannonMark of Norgannon - Your damaging spells have a chance to increase your Intellect by 1,168 1,629 for 18 sec. Approximately 1.4 1.6 procs per minute.

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Jesus this mythic Unmaker abilities looks pretty sick.. prepare yourself world top raiders. This gonna be long race again for Top 1.

Edited by Hypersonic

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18 hours ago, Hypersonic said:

Jesus this mythic Unmaker abilities looks pretty sick.. prepare yourself world top raiders. This gonna be long race again for Top 1.

Followed by plenty of complaining about how it was too easy.

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57 minutes ago, Blainie said:

Followed by plenty of complaining about how it was too easy.

Or way too hard, then #1 beats him, and they nerf the boss to the ground and the other 9 out of top 10 guilds get him down the day after. Kil'jaeden, except not as exaggerated as I'm putting it here.


Method surely did dislike how Blizzard nerfed KJ just after they finally managed to beat him.


But yes, you're right. Either it's going to be "uhhh guys, this is Xavius all over again" or "Is this even mathematically possible?". With a metric ton of bugs and Ion afterwards explaining in an interview "We had hundreds of hours of playtesting".

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5 hours ago, Yridaa said:

Method surely did dislike how Blizzard nerfed KJ just after they finally managed to beat him.

Understandably so, IMO. I'd be pretty annoyed by it too, since you probably want to see how long it takes others on that level playing field.

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