[Kilrogg/Nagrand] [H] <Definitely Maybe> (9/9 H) and 3/9M LFM Dps for our Mythic roster!

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Who are we:

We are definitely Maybe a late night raiding guild on Kilrogg founded at the end of Cataclysm we started as a 10 man heroic guild and eventually became a Heroic/Mythic guild that did 7/10m Nighthold and 3/9M Tomb. Because of RL (work/school) stuff we lost some of our players and are now looking for new people for our mythic team for tomb and later on antorus.
we raid in a friendly environment with lots of laughter but also in a serious way during progress.

What are we looking for:

We are looking for reliable ranged and melee DPS who want to raid with a great and friendly team. We raid every Wednesday,Thursday and Sunday from 21:30 untill 00:30 server time we try to do Mythic if we got the numbers and otherwise we do Heroic.
On offdays we try to organize M+ or normal tos runs for people who want to get there weekly done or a chance for a proc.

We handle the following requirements:

- Have a ILVL of 915 and have at least heroic raiding experience.
- Be willing to use Discord for voice communication , having a microphone is not a must but is greatly appreciated.
- Sign up for raids and be on time and prepared.

How to contact:

If you are interested in joining our guild or got any further questions dont hesitate to message me by replying on the post or either by sending a message to Meltdown#2607 or check our website:

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