[Stormrage] [A] <Efficient> (5/9 M) is recruiting!

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Hello there! <Efficient> is a Mythic raiding progression guild. We are 9/9H 5/9M with a huge focus on Mythic raiding content. We also offer PVP, Alt raids, old content runs and guild events with prizes! Mythic+ is a big focus of the guild as well – Requiring a +10 per week at minimum; we are also constantly running keys ranging from +10 - +20 during the week. 

What we need:
We consider anyone who has the drive, passion, and commitment to be a-part of our Mythic team– That being said we have a great need for the following: 
Ranged DPS of any type

Required Add-On’s and Voice Chat:
RC Loot Council
Big Wigs or Deadly Boss Mods
Weak Auras

More details about our loot rules can be found at https://www.efficientguild.com/loot

Chat: Raid Times: Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday 10:00PM – 12:00AM EST
Optional Raid Day: Saturdays

Karma#12379 – GM

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Edited title with what information I could find on WoWProgress to fit forum rules. Edit anything that is incorrect.

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