[Cenarion Circle][A] <Maximum Effort> (9/9 H) recruiting tank/dps for mythic

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== MAXIMUM EFFORT == 9/9H [A] Fairly new guild made by a group of long time friends! We have an experienced raid leader and a strong-core group! We're driven but also friendly. We spend lots of time doing mythic+, hanging out in discord, theory crafting and just hanging out! We are looking for some active and dedicated people who wanna do content, get !@#$ done without being all too uptight about it. Everyone does their part, we work as a team and get it done!

When do we raid? -Tue/wed 930-1130 est (630-830 server) -Monday normal tomb farm
Mythic when we have enough people.

Want to join? Well we need..
-Accepting all ranged dps specs
-Non pally/DH tank

Guild logs:

You don't need good gear or raid experience! Just a willingness to work and learn!

All are welcome, though we can't promise you a raiding spot!

If you're interested or have questions my btag is hethrus#1504

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Edited title to fit forum rules. I've also closed your other thread, since you made this one more recently/are more active in it.

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