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[Thrall] [H] <Voljin's Bookclub> (7/9 H) Recruitment

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Hey all, 

I am not going to do the typical spam a lot version of a recruitment message. I am going to just post a little bio and all that and see where it goes. <Voljins Bookclub> is recruiting and we have been for awhile. We are not really struggling with numbers to say or content but I will say the plague of ToS and the release of Destiny 2 has made a road block for us still continuing the good fight. 

We are looking for all types players besides people that are looking to zerg and win. We have a variety of veterans in the guild from Vanilla to Present and with that comes a great deal of learning from experience. We aren't trying to be a mega guild and we sure aren't trying to be twitchers. We have a great deal of maturity in the guild as a lot of us are parents, between the age of 30-50 (thats right we have an old timer), and dedicate our days to our personal professional requirements. 

I will tell you this, we don't care if your considered bad, if your gear needs work or if you cant make a few raid nights because of personal obligations...We get it. We are looking for good people with amazing stories and a good heart. Recruitment is open to all classes and all specializations to come join us, have a good time, drink a few virtual beers and kill some demons or void lords (w/e you fancy). 

Here is our typical agenda: Mythic+, PvP, Raids

Raid Nights: Tues and Wednesday 7:30-10:30EST but flexible...

P.S. We arent going to judge you if you aren't doing so hot, we will try as much as we can to help you...

Anyone that reads this, please leave a message at the bottom or an in-game message to Myself, Beefstews, Brona, Patris, Arthaa...Thanks and we look forward to any new additions!

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