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This thread is for comments about our Kin'garoth guide.

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I can't seem to find anything about whether there will be one of each Fel-reaver, or whether you get a random mix. if it's random, do they also spawn on a random chamber, or is there some order to where each type spawns?


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On 11/30/2017 at 4:36 AM, Guest Brosi said:

I can't seem to find anything about whether there will be one of each Fel-reaver, or whether you get a random mix. if it's random, do they also spawn on a random chamber, or is there some order to where each type spawns?


The spawns are ordered and always spawn in the same place - it's as follows:

  • Demolisher + Decimator
  • Demolisher + Annihilator
  • Decimator + Demolisher

If you are looking at the map of The Exhaust, they spawn in the following places:

  • Top + Bottom
  • Right + Top
  • Bottom + Right

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On 03/04/2018 at 5:00 PM, Guest Rainy said:

What about heroic?

Very little changes on Heroic other than you needing to split into equal groups to deal with the adds. Otherwise the fight is done exactly the same as the normal version. You can even do heroic exactly the same and ignore groups, just using common sense to split as you do on normal.

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      Our coverage of Beta Build 26707 includes Class Changes, Battle Pet Updates, Dark Iron Dwarf & Mag'har Orc Unlock Requirements, BfA Pathfinder Update & Mythic Keystone Seasons.
      New Azerite Traits (Beta Build 26707)
      Death Knight
      March of the Damned - When you use Death's Advance, gain 0 Speed for 15 sec. The cooldown of Death's Advance is reduced to 40 seconds. Demon Hunter
      Burning Soul - When your Consume Magic consumes a beneficial Magic effect from the target, gain 1,647 Absorb for 20 sec and shatter a Soul Fragment from the target. Revolving Blades - Blade Dance deals 240 additional damage, and the cost of your next Blade Dance is reduced by 5 Fury for each enemy struck by the final slash. Runic Barrier - Anti-Magic Shell absorbs 311 additional damage and its duration is increased to 6 seconds. Druid
      Grove Tending - Swiftmend heals the target for 900 over 9 sec. Layered Mane - Ironfur increases your Agility by 100, and has a 10% chance to grant 2 applications. Lively Spirit - When Innervate expires, your Intellect is increased by 100 for each spell the target cast using Innervate. Lasts 20 sec. Ursoc's Endurance - When you use Barkskin or Survival Instincts, absorb 841 damage over 8 sec. Hunter
      Duck and Cover - Using Feign Death allows you to absorb 841 damage over 6 sec, and Feign Death's cooldown is reduced to 25 seconds. Primal Instincts - Aspect of the Wild increases your Mastery by 303, and grants you a charge of Barbed Shot. Mage
      Anomalous Impact - Arcane Missiles deals 100 additional damage for each Arcane Charge you have. Cauterizing Blink - When you Blink, heal for 841 every 1 sec for 4 sec. Glacial Assault - Flurry has a 33% chance each strike to call down an icy comet, crashing into your target and nearby enemies for 400 Frost damage. Monk
      Font of Life - Your Essence Font's initial heal is increased by 106 and has a chance to reduce the cooldown of Thunder Focus Tea by 1 sec. Open Palm Strikes - When Fists of Fury deals damage, it has a 10% chance to refund 1 Chi, and it deals 62 additional damage. Sweep the Leg - When you Leg Sweep, your targets suffer 50% reduced movement speed, and you gain 841 Speed for 6 sec. Paladin
      Gallant Steed - Inspire yourself and nearby allies while Divine Steed is active, granting 311 Speed for until cancelled. Divine Steed's cooldown is reduced to 50 seconds. Priest
      Twist Magic - When you successfully Dispel Magic, heal yourself and 4 injured allies for 841. Rogue
      Shrouded Mantle - Cloak of Shadows heals you for 841 every 1 sec, plus an additional 311 for each effect it negates. Shaman
      Igneous Potential - Your Lava Burst deals 311 additional damage, and your Lava Surge chance is increased to 20%. Pack Spirit - While Ghost Wolf is active, heal for 156 every 1 sec. Warlock
      Bursting Flare - Casting Conflagrate on a target affected by your Immolate increases your Mastery by 78 for 20 sec, stacking up to 5 times. Desperate Power - While below 50% health, your Drain Life heals for an additional 311 health each 1 sec. Supreme Commander - When your Demonic Tyrant expires, consume its life essence, granting you a stack of Demonic Core and increasing your Intellect by 841 for 15 sec. Warrior
      Bury the Hatchet - When you use Victory Rush, gain 841 Physical absorb for 10 sec. Moment of Glory - Your Rallying Cry grants 1,555 additional Max Health to affected allies, and its duration is increased to 12 sec. Never Surrender - Your block chance is increased by up to 30%, based on your missing health. Storm of Steel - Whirlwind now causes your next 1 attacks to strike up to 4 additional targets for 50% damage.
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      An overview of all Azerite traits added in this week's Beta Build 26624.
      Our preview of Beta Build 26624 covers Class Changes, Kul Tiran Druid Aquatic Forms, Flying in Battle for Azeroth & the Brutosaur Mount.
      Note: Some tooltips may be slightly off, displaying incorrect values.
      New Azerite Traits (Beta Build 26624)
      Below is a list of the latest Azerite traits that have been added to the game in this week's Beta Build 26624.
      Death Knight
      Bones of the Damned - Marrowrend has a chance to grant an extra charge of Bone Shield. Bone Shield increases your Armor by 156. Cankerous Wounds - Festering Strike deals 622 additional damage and has a 10% increased chance of applying 3 Festering Wounds. Eternal Rune Weapon - Dancing Rune Weapon grants you 156 Strength, and each rune spent increases its duration by 0.5 sec, up to a maximum of 5 sec. Killer Frost - Frost Strike deals 622 additional damage with each hit and has a 15% chance on critical strikes to grant Killing Machine. Tier 1 - Death Knight - Frost - Remorseless Winter <DNT> - Remorseless Winter deals an additional 156 damage. The first time Remorseless Winter deals damage to 3 different enemies, you gain Rime. Tier 1 - Death Knight - Unholy - Ghouls <DNT> - When your ghouls expire, they explode in viscera dealing 0 Shadow damage to nearby enemies. Demon Hunter
      Cycle of Binding - Afflicting an enemy with a Sigil grants you 0 Agility for 6 sec and reduces the cooldown of your other Sigils by 6 sec. Essence Sever - Shear has a chance to rip Lesser Soul Fragments from up to 4 nearby enemies, dealing 400 Fire damage to each. Eyes of Rage - Eye Beam deals an additional 500 damage. Consuming a Soul Fragment reduces the cooldown of Eye Beam by 1.0 sec. Thirsting Blades - Every 1 sec, increase the damage of Chaos Strike by 0 and reduce its cost by 1 Fury. This effect stacks. Druid
      Blood Mist - Rake deals 100 additional damage over its duration, and has a chance to grant you Berserk for 6 sec. Cannot occur while Berserk is active. Gushing Lacerations - Rip deals 240 additional damage per combo point, and has a 8% chance to award a combo point each time it deals damage. High Noon - Sunfire's radius is increased by 3, and it deals 622 additional damage to its primary target. Rampant Growth - Regrowth heals for 300 more over its duration, and its healing over time effect also applies to the target of your Lifebloom. Tier 1 - Druid - Balance - Starfall <DNT> - Starfall's stars deal an additional 622 damage to nearby enemies when they damage an enemy afflicted by Moonfire. Tier 1 - Druid - Guardian - Frenzied Regeneration <DNT> - Mangle extends the duration of Frenzied Regeneration by an additional 1 sec, and causes Frenzied Regeneration to restore an additional 622 health every sec. Tier 1 - Druid - Guardian - Maul <DNT> - Maul deals an additional 622 damage and reduces the cost of Ironfur by 622 Rage. This effect stacks up to 5 times. Waking Dream - Ysera's Gift now heals every 4 sec, and heals for an additional 100 for each of your active Rejuvenations. Wild Fleshrending - Shred deals 400 additional damage, and Swipe deals 150 additional damage, to enemies suffering from your Thrash. Hunter
      Pack Alpha - Your primary pet's Basic Attack deals 308 more damage for each other pet you have active. Rapid Reload - Multi-Shots that damage more than 3 targets fire an additional wave of bullets, dealing 238 damage and reducing the cooldown of your Aspects by 1 sec. Tier 1 - Hunter - Beast Mastery - Barbed Shot <DNT> - Increases the damage of Barbed Shot by 466 and duration to 2 sec. Tier 1 - Hunter - Marksmanship - Rapid Fire <DNT> - Rapid Fire deals an additional 373 damage and each shot has a 40% chance to generate 2 additional focus. Tier 1 - Hunter - Survival - Harpoon <DNT> - Harpoon causes your next Raptor Strike to deal an additional 1,555 damage and reduces its focus cost by 20. Wilderness Survival - Raptor Strike deals an additional 140 damage and reduces the remaining cooldown of Wildfire Bomb by 1 sec. Mage
      Chain Reaction - Your Ice Lances against frozen targets increase the damage of your Ice Lances by 3% for 10 sec, stacking up to 5 times. Duplicative Incineration - Fireball deals an additional 684 damage, and has a 20 chance to launch a second Fireball. Galvanizing Spark - Arcane Blast deals an additional 277 damage and has a 20 chance to generate a second Arcane Charge. Tier 1 - Mage - Arcane - Arcane Explosion <DNT> - Arcane Explosion deals an additional 140 damage. When it damages at least 3 targets, it has a 10% chance to deal an additional 1,244 Arcane damage to them. Tier 1 - Mage - Fire - Hot Streak <DNT> - Consuming Hot Streak grants you a 202 Intellect for until cancelled. This effect stacks up to 20 times. Tier 1 - Mage - Frost - Icy Veins <DNT> o/ - Icy Veins grants you a charge of Fingers of Frost and increases your Intellect by 233 for until cancelled. Whiteout - Ice Lance deals an additional 233 damage and reduces the cooldown of Frozen Orb by 0.5 sec. Monk
      Pressure Point - Tiger Palm's chance to make your next Blackout Kick free is increased to 15% and Tiger Palm deals an additional 311 damage. Tier 1 - Monk - Brewmaster - Blackout Strike <DNT> - Blackout Strike deals an additional 684 damage. Blackout Strike critical hits grant an additional 1 Lstack;stacks; of Elusive Brawler. Tier 1 - Monk - Mistweaver - Vivify <DNT> - Your Vivify heals for an additional 342. Vivify critical strikes reduce the cooldown of your Revival by 1 sec. Tier 1 - Monk - Windwalker - Combo Strikes <DNT> - When you Combo Strike, the coolldown of Fists of Fury is reduced by 0 sec. Fists of Fury deals an additional 205 damage. Training of Niuzao - Gain up to 615 Mastery based on your current level of Stagger. Paladin
      Breaking Dawn - Increases the healing done by Light of Dawn by 311 and its range to 40 yards. Grace of the Justicar - Judging a foe heals all allies within 8 yards of that enemy for 389. Inspiring Vanguard - Grand Crusader's chance is increased by 5% and it grants you 249 Strength for until cancelled. Relentless Inquisitor - Spending Holy Power grants you 31 haste for 10 sec per Holy Power spent, stacking up to 20 times. Second Sunrise - Light of Dawn has a 5% chance to cast a second time for no additional mana cost. Share the Burden - Reduces the damage you take from Blessing of Sacrifice by 10%. Soaring Shield - Avenger's Shield now strikes 4 enemies and grants 1,244 Mastery per enemy struck for until cancelled. Zealotry - Casting Crusader Strike increases the damage of your Crusader Strike by 124 for 20 sec, stacking up to 10 times. Priest
      Contemptuous Homily - Penance deals an additional 126 damage and extends your Shadow Word: Pain by 1 sec per bolt. Death Throes - Shadow Word: Pain deals an additional 160 damage. When an enemy dies while afflicted by your Shadow Word: Pain, you gain 5 Insanity. Enduring Luminescence - Power Word: Radiance restores 250 additional health, and applies Atonement for 70% of its normal duration. Lenience's Reward - Atonement reduces damage taken by 0.5%. Power of the Dark Side - Shadow Word: Pain has a chance to increase damage or healing done by your next Penance by 0%. Purge the Wicked has a chance to increase damage dealt by your next Penance by 0%. Sacred Flame - Holy Fire deals an additional 500 damage instantly, and restores 446 mana each time it deals damage. Tier 1 - Priest - Shadow - Voidform <DNT> -  When you leave Voidform, gain 207 critical strike for until cancelled for each stack of Voidform active when you exited. Word of Mending - Prayer of Mending heals for an additional 200 and reduces Holy Word: Sanctify's cooldown by 2 sec. Rogue
      Fan of Blades - Fan of Knives' radius is increased to 15 yds and damage is increased by 311 if it hits at least 3 targets. Paradise Lost - Take control of the dice of fate, granting yourself 622 Agility if Roll the Bones only provides you with one combat enhancement. The First Dance - Shadow Dance grants an additional 1,866 critical strike rating to the first Eviscerate, Shadowstrike, or Shuriken Storm used during it. Tier 1 - Rogue - Assassination - Garrote <DNT> - Garrote cast from Stealth generates 2 additional Combo Points and deals 1,866 additional damage. Tier 1 - Rogue - Outlaw - Between the Eyes <DNT> - Each combo point spent on Between the Eyes increases damage an additional 1,866 and grants a 2% chance to gain 1,866 Combo Points. Tier 1 - Rogue - Subtlety - Backstab <DNT> - Backstab deals an additional 249 damage and extends the duration of your Symbols of Death by 0.5 sec. Shaman
      Roiling Storm - Every 1 second, reduce the cost of your next Stormstrike by 2 Maelstrom and increase its damage by 31. This effect stacks up to 15 times. Rumbling Tremors - Your Earth Elemental spawns Tremors that deal 933 Physical damage every 2 seconds. Earth Elemental's auto attack damage is increased by 933. Spouting Spirits - Spirit Link Totem also heals all nearby allies for 2,488 1 second after it is dropped. Surging Tides - If the target of your Riptide is below 50% of their maximum health, Riptide causes them to absorb up to 2,332 damage, lasting until cancelled sec. Warlock
      Demonic Meteor - Hand of Gul'dan deals 778 additional damage and has a 5% chance per Soul Shard spent of refunding a Soul Shard. Rolling Havoc - Each time your spells duplicate to a Havoc target, gain 47 Intellect for 10 sec. This effect stacks. Sudden Agony - Agony deals up to an additional 564 damage and starts with 4 stacks. Tier 1 - Warlock - Affliction - Unstable Affliction <DNT> - Increases the damage of Unstable Affliction and causes it to reduce the cooldown of Summon Darkglare by 4 sec. Tier 1 - Warlock - Demonology - Call Dreadstalkers <DNT> - Call Dreadstalkers has a 15% chance to make your next non-instant Demonbolt deal 1,088 additional damage. Tier 1 - Warlock - Destruction - Chaos Bolt <DNT> - Chaos Bolt deals 389 additional damage and has a 25% chance to make your next Incinerate instant. Warrior
      Bloodsport - Ignore Pain prevents 350 additional damage, and grants you 127 Leech for 8 sec. Callous Reprisal - Revenge deals 140 additional damage and reduces the damage enemies deal to you by 0.5% for 8 sec, stacking up to 3 times. Crushing Assault - Your melee abilities have a chance to increase the damage of your next Slam by 1,000 and reduce its Rage cost by 20. Iron Fortress - Increases Block by 250, and blocking an attack deals 300 Physical damage to the attacker. Critical blocks deal double damage. Lord of War - Colossus Smash deals an additional 1,000 damage and generates 10 Rage. Simmering Rage - Rampage deals an additional 500 damage and generates 1 Rage per strike. Tier 1 - Warrior - Fury - Recklessness <DNT> - Auto attacks deal 81 additional damage and reduce the cooldown of Recklessness by 0.5 sec. Full List of Azerite Traits
      "Reveal hidden contents" for a full list of Azerite traits that have been added to the game so far throughout Alpha/Beta testing of Battle for Azeroth. Generic Azerite traits may be used for trinkets or leveling Azerite armor.
    • By positiv2
      This thread is for comments about the Aggro Tempo Mage guide.
    • By Stan
      An overview of the latest changes implemented to the game in the latest Beta Build 26707.
      Welcome to the latest overview of talent updates added to the game in the latese Beta Build 26707. Following the most recent Class discussions, there are plenty of Balance Druid, Discipline Priest and Protection Paladin updates.
      We updated our Battle for Azeroth Class Changes to correspond with all changes listed below, and you can find more information about Battle for Azeroth by visiting our Expansion Hub. Our coverage of Beta Build 26707 includes new Azerite Traits, Battle Pet Updates, Dark Iron Dwarf & Mag'har Orc Unlock Requirements, BfA Pathfinder Update & Mythic Keystone Seasons.
      Dev comments on the Balance Druid rework can be found here.
      Eclipse - new baseline ability. Empowerments - new baseline ability. Twin Moons - new level 75 talent. Starlord is now a level 90 talent (down from 15) + changed functionality. Stellar Flare is now a level 90 talent (down from 75). Blessing of the Ancients (level 90 talent) removed. Stellar Drift is now a level 90 talent (up from 100). Nature's Balance is now a level 15 talent (up from 100) + changed functionality. Shooting Stars is now a level 100 talent (down from 90). New Moon is now a level 100 talent (down from 90). Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3 15 Nature's Balance Warrior of Elune Force of Nature 30 Tiger Dash Renewal Wild Charge 45 Feral Affinity Guardian Affinity Restoration Affinity 60 Mighty Bash Mass Entanglement Typhoon 75 Soul of the Forest Twin Moons *new* Incarnation: Chosen of Elune 90 Starlord Stellar Drift Stellar Flare 100 Shooting Stars Fury of Elune New Moon *new* Monk
      Summon Black Ox Statue (level 60 talent) removed. Power Strikes (level 100 talent) removed. Good Karma - new level 60 talent. Spiritual Focus - new level 100 talent. Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3 15 Eye of the Tiger Chi Wave Chi Burst 30 Celerity Chi Torpedo Tiger's Lust 45 Ascension Fist of the White Tiger *new* Energizing Elixir 60 Tiger Tail Sweep *new*  Good Karma *new* Ring of Peace *new*
      75 Inner Strength *new* Diffuse Magic Dampen Harm *new* 90 Hit Combo Rushing Jade Wind *new* Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger 100 Spiritual Focus *new* Whirling Dragon Punch Serenity Paladin
      Blizzard (Source)
      A few changes to Protection in an upcoming build. Mostly focused on smoothing out issues in the core rotation and active mitigation.
      Consecration no longer buffs Shield of the Righteous and Light of the Protector. Consecration cooldown 4.5s (from 9s) and duration 12s (from 9s), but you can only have one down at once Mastery: Divine Bulwark reduces all damage you take while in Consecration (instead of increasing Shield of the Righteous effectiveness) Avenger's Shield increases the effects (damage and armor) of your next Shield of the Righteous by 20%. Consecrated Hammer will be replaced with a new Level 15 talent. Listing all at once because they're all pieces of the same goals. First, Avenger's Shield is back to having some baseline defensive value, which pulls the rotation together by making you care about both hit and Hammer of the Righteous other than for pickups/damage.
      Second, Consecration is easier to work with. If you don't have to move, you have to replace it less often, and if you do have to move, you can replace it much more quickly. While standing in Consecration still has some value, your core buttons no longer rely on it, and the loss of mitigation from being outside it is much smaller than Legion. It also provides a small source of baseline magic mitigation.
      Finally, the gap between Shield of the Righteous uptime and downtime, in terms of mitigation, is less dramatic. The previous mastery made that gap get wider and wider as the expansion went on, leading to the problem of increasing moments of vulnerability when active mitigation was down. Shield of the Righteous will now have more consistent value across the expansion. The spec will be tuned expecting slightly lower Shield of the Righteous strength and uptime compared to Legion, which helps avoid the problem where there were windows of very poor mitigation compared to other tanks.
      Consecrated Hammer (level 15 talent) removed. Redoubt - new level 15 talent. Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3 15 Holy Shield Redoubt *new* Blessed Hammer 30 Crusader's Judgment First Avenger Bastion of Light 45 Fist of Justice Repentance Blinding Light 60 Retribution Aura Cavalier Blessing of Spellwarding 75 Final Stand Unbreakable Spirit *new* Hand of the Protector 90 Judgment of Light Consecrated Ground Aegis of Light 100 Last Defender Righteous Protector Seraphim Priest
      Here's a blue post clarifying the latest Discipline changes on Beta, outlining some future changes for the Priest specialization.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Quick clarifications (all still subject to ongoing change), since this build was in a slightly intermediate state. Sins isn't correctly working in this build. The buff appears, but isn't increasing damage or Atonement. Tuning is pretty preliminary, but for context on the 75 row, Contrition is likely too strong, because it skews the choice between the modes of Penance too much. Contrition's heal should be weaker than a Penance Atonement, so that it's still a choice about doing more group healing vs. focusing on one target. Also on the 75 row--we're currently planning to replace Orison with Shadow Covenant. Luminous Barrier is still intended to replace Power Word: Barrier, as before. Current plan is to buff Shadow Mend a bit, as mentioned yesterday. Less sure about Power Word: Shield after reviewing more. Shadow Mend was more strongly propped up by Grace. We're seeing all the feedback on relative balance of talents within a row, but I don't want to make any claims or promises on which talents might eventually land higher/lower. We just rearranged a lot, and whatever I say will probably be proven wrong once we give a more thorough look and heavier testing happens on beta. Grace (level 100 talent) removed and implemented as Mastery: Grace. Sins of the Many - new level 75 talent. Lenience is now a level 100 talent (down from 75). Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3 15 Castigation Twist of Fate Schism 30 Angelic Feather Body and Soul Masochism 45 Power Word: Solace Shield Discipline Mindbender 60 Psychic Voice Shining Force Dominant Mind 75 Sins of the Many *new* Orison *new* Contrition *new* 90 Purge the Wicked Divine Star Halo 100 Lenience *new* Luminous Barrier *new* Evangelism Warlock
      Shadow Embrace is now a level 90 talent (down from 15). Nightfall is now a level 15 talent (up from 90). Deathbolt is now a level 90 talent (down from 15). Drain Soul is now a level 15 talent (up from 90). Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3 15 Nightfall Drain Soul *new* Haunt 30 Writhe in Agony Absolute Corruption Siphon Life 45 Demon Skin Burning Rush Dark Pact 60 Sow the Seeds Phantom Singularity Vile Taint *new* 75 Darkfury *new* Mortal Coil Demonic Circle 90 Shadow Embrace *new* Deathbolt *new* Grimoire of Sacrifice 100 Soul Conduit Creeping Death *new* Dark Soul: Misery *new* Demonology
      Grimoire of Service (level 100 talent) removed. Grimoire: Felguard is a new level 100 talent. Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3 15 Dreadlash *new* Demonic Strength *new* Biliescourge Bombers *new* 30 Demonic Calling Power Siphon *new* Doom *new* 45 Demon Skin Burning Rush Dark Pact 60 From the Shadows *new* Soul Strike *new* Summon Vilefiend *new* 75 Darkfury *new* Mortal Coil Demonic Circle 90 Soul Conduit Inner Demons *new* Grimoire: Felguard *new* 100 Sacrificed Souls Demonic Consumption *new* Nether Portal *new* Destruction
      More changes will be implemented for the Warrior specialization in a future Beta Build and you can find more details in the Fury discussion here.
      Wrecking Ball is now a level 100 talent (down from 45). Reckless Abandon is now a level 45 talent (up from 100). Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3 15 War Machine Endless Rage Fresh Meat 30 Double Time Impending Victory *new* Storm Bolt 45 Reckless Abandon Outburst Avatar 60 Furious Charge Bounding Stride Warpaint 75 Carnage Massacre Frothing Berserker 90 Inner Rage Frenzy Bloodbath 100 Wrecking Ball Dragon Roar Bladestorm Protection
      Dragon Roar is a new level 45 talent. Bolster (level 60 talent) removed. Bolster - new level 60 talent with a different functionality. Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3 15 Into the Fray Punish *new* Impending Victory 30 Crackling Thunder Bounding Stride Safeguard 45 Best Served Cold Unstoppable Force *new* Dragon Roar *new* 60 Indomitable Never Surrender *new* Bolster *new* 75 Menace *new* Rumbling Earth *new* Storm Bolt 90 Booming Voice Vengeance Devastator 100 Anger Management Heavy Repercussions Ravager Previous Talent Changes
      We're covering talent changes every Battle for Azeroth Alpha/Beta Build. Here's a history of our previews so far:
      Beta Build 26624 Talent Changes Beta Build 26567 Talent Changes Beta Build 26530 Talent Changes Alpha Build 26476 Talent Changes Alpha Build 26433 Talent Changes Alpha Build 26367 Talent Changes Alpha Build 26310 Talent Changes  Alpha Build 26287 Talent Changes Alpha Build 26231 Talent Changes Alpha Build 26175 Talent Changes Alpha Build 26131 Talent Changes Alpha Build 26095 Talent Changes Alpha Build 26032 Talent Changes Alpha Build 25976 Talent Changes