Herald of the Titans (level 80 group)

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Hello ppl

Looking for more ppl that are interested in getting this title. I am currently on Anachronos (EU) alliance side but willing to go to any realm to find the proper team.

My char is called Vonzarovic.

Pls feel free to contact me or answer in the Anachronos forum thread i have made.

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Is it mandatory to be level 80? :P

I remember saving up the proper gear for this achievement, especially after they released the ICC 5-man dungeons, because you could easily get the item level you needed, without having to farm Ulduar ;)

I don't know if our forums currently have a big enough community to enable you to find the partners you need, but it is definitely worth a try :)

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There are occasionally groups forming for this on which is a cross realm raid finder that is ideal for getting groups for older raid content. The only potential problem with openraid is that getting a group for Herald of the Titans could take a long time due to the specific gear requirements.

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I am currently putting together a Herald of the Titans run on my server, Mal'ganis - US. I believe this is a cross-realm eligible raid, but I'll need confirmation of that. If you go to the Mal'ganis - US forums page, you'll see all relevant information that I posted there. You can post here or there to let me know if your interest.

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    • By Kharth
      Not sure if this is the right forum section but seemed the most appropriate.
      I am looking for 8-9 other people to do The Herald of the Titans Feat of Strength achievement, or an already established group looking for another player or two. I'd like to get my character leveled while invasions are throwing levels at us.
      If your not familiar with it you defeat Algalon the Observer in Ulduar with level 80 characters wearing only gear that is available in 10 man Ulduar (or equivalent or less, maximum 226 ilvl armor 232 ilvl weapons). You get the Feat of Strength achievement and also the title <Your Name>, Herald of the Titans.
      I have both Horde and Alliance level 100 characters capable of helping other people farm gear, so either faction would work for me.
      Requirements for the group: A level 80 character with experience gain turned off. A willingness to help other members of the group run Ulduar for gear. Expect you to gem,enchant, have food and flasks (Freya drops them).
      My bnet tag is BreakingBad#1867 send me a request but put Herald in the note. 
      More info and guides are available at if you'd be interested in learning more.
    • By Morganstern
      My guild is putting together a Herald of the Titans run in a few weeks, and I've decided to roll a combat rogue for it. I'm having some difficulty understanding how scaling and stats have changed since Wrath was current, and how that might affect stat priority for a rogue locked at 80. 
      From what I understand the stat priority for a 90 combat rogue is haste>mastery>crit, but since I won't find much in the way of mastery at 80, do I focus solely on the other two stats? Do I dump everything into just one stat? 
    • By Krazyito
      So I made a lvl 80 resto druid that I am going to be playing to attempt the achievement "Herald of the Titans" I was wondering if anyone had any idea what the haste breakpoints are for that level?
      Please provide a rating and not a percentage.