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Lvl 80 haste and stats

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So I made a lvl 80 resto druid that I am going to be playing to attempt the achievement "Herald of the Titans" I was wondering if anyone had any idea what the haste breakpoints are for that level?

Please provide a rating and not a percentage.

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If you know the percentage I (or you) can calculate it following this:

Posted Image

Which means that 1 rating is 0,0305% (estimate)

or 1% is 32,83 haste rating. (estimate)

So let's say the haste breakpoint is 21.433% like it is now according to the current resto guide. That would mean that you need about 703 haste rating if my calculations are correct.

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That seems like a reasonable amount. Thanks! I'm not that great at math to see things like that lol. I'm probably gonna go for a little higher haste than that just to be sure I'm at the breakpoint.

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While preparing stat wise for Herald, keep in mind that Mastery, is very powerful on 80 Posted Image)

Yep. I'm gonna do what I always did was, haste to a breakpoint then mastery. Most of that gear is going to have no mastery on it though, so I will have to reforge almost every peice until I am comfortable with the spiri

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So i finally got all my gear (save a trinket and some "bis" items) and It seems that 703 haste is more out of reach then I thought. I'm using +20 int in red slots and 10 int/haste in yellow and 10 int/spi in blue.

All my gear has spirit/haste on it except 4 pieces which have spirit/crit so even after reforging I'm at 639 haste which is 19.5% haste.

So as I write this, I realize that I have a shadow priest 5% haste buff which we did not account for in the original percent. which puts me at about 25% haste.

I found that I only need about 513 haste to reach the break point with the 5% buff, but I went to 514 to be safe (21.46%) then went full mastery afterwards.

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