[Outland] [A] <FLAG> (5/9 M) Recruiting

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        For Loot & Glory <FLAG>, is an established, laidback,  semi-hard core raiding guild with a sense of humour, which raids over two main nights a week. Main Raid days are Wed/Sun 19.45-23.00 Server Time this is for the core team where progression takes place, Fri 19.45-23.00 Server Time an alt/gear run happens, this is for any player with the correct ilvl, so this can be for players who missed a run on Wed, alts, socials etc. 

       We are looking for additional players for our raiding team, our current progress in ToS is 5/9M, we have currently stopped progression but will still be doing all the bosses we have on farm. Additional players are needed to form part of the raid team in Antorus the Burning Throne to progress then new raid in a efficient manner. Social members are also welcome. 

      Must be able to use Discord for comms, it is not necessary to speak but you must be able to listen. The Discord channel has all the information that you require if you want more information found here:-

    You can also speak to me in-game if you require more information, look forward to hearing from you, Crimsonia battletag: - Crimson#22175

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