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Hi fellow Ferals,


first of all, please excuse my english, this is not my native Language.

I want to ask you if the Legendary Fiery Red Maimers a worth to go is.

I'm actually run the Incarnation Build and Stack up Versatility and Crit with Prio, take mastery > haste as a nice to have stat.

For now i couldn't get any good Kitten Legendary, that's why i ask.

I read a Post on the WoW US Forum where a guy does some math and after this, Maim is more worth it to use as CP Spender after using Ashamane instead of Ferious Bite.


Any feedback would be appreciate.

Kind regards

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On 11/7/2017 at 8:17 AM, Niallan said:

I want to ask you if the Legendary Fiery Red Maimers a worth to go is.

They're not top tier, but they're not bad at all. Mainly for Single Target though, or cleave of 2-3 mobs. They're pretty weak on major AoE.

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