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[Stormrage] [A] <Avantgarde> (4/9 M) Fri/Sat

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                                      Avantgarde - Stormrage (4/9M ToS)

Thank you for considering “Avantgarde” as your new home.

Server :  Stormrage-US

Progression :   4/9M

Currently Recruiting :   Healers and DPS for progression raiding. Casuals also welcome, a lot of Mythic+ runs each day. 

Raid Times :   Friday : 9pm-12am EST / Saturday 8pm-11pm EST   (Wednesday 8pm-10pm EST)

Wednesday is our optional farm night, players are not required to go, but encouraged to. When a new raid releases, the following Wednesday will be used to get a head start into progression.

Voice Chat : Discord (Raiders can find documents in the discord channels going more into depth about requirements, expectations, etc.)

Consumables : EVERYTHING is provided to core raiders. (Flasks, Food, Pots, Runes, Enchants, Gems)  - Raiders are expected to carry additional provisions in their bags to avoid holding the raid up.

Required Addons : Deadly Boss Mods / BigWigs, RCLootCouncil, WeakAuras, and Angry Assignments. (NOTE : You are not ‘required’ to use class weakauras, it is only required for the occasional need to help with some mechanics i.e Mistress Hydra Shots)

Avantgardes’ Atmosphere : As laid back as we can without being a “casual guild.” We love to have fun, we enjoy being social, and we all get along tremendously. But we avoid downtime at all costs, and especially when it affects the raid and amount of time we have to progress. On off-nights, we hang out in discord and chat, we run Mythic+’s practically everyday. 

Expectations of Core Raiders : 


  • Complete a mythic plus dungeon during the week in order to obtain the highest possible loot from the weekly chest. (Mythic +’s higher than the base ilvl cap will give you a better chance to get warforged or titanforged items, and this is recommended, but not required.)[/li]
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Please be ready to pull a boss at the start time, and try not to require a summon.[/li]


  • Seriousness is O.K, but try to be friendly and remain calm. We have no tolerance for egos and braggers, just please remain civil. [/li]


  • Have a basic understanding of mechanics. Being mechanically aware as a raid group is the key to progressing through difficult content. Staying alive is more important than DPS/HPS.


  • Communication. Some people are shy, we get that. However, sometimes people are required to speak out during an encounter. Also, it is EXTREMELY important that raiders pitch their ideas and concerns to the raid leader, or addressing them openly to the raid group. If you are struggling with a certain mechanic, no one is going to criticize you, we are all trying to help. 


  • When the raid starts, you need to be READY.  We have 2 break periods during the raid (5 minutes after every hour.) Please wait for those time periods before randomly going AFK unless it’s a dire emergency. This also means that raiders are required to be fully enchanted and gemmed (which are supplied in the guild bank.) People needing to change something during our raid only slows us down. 

Respect the decisions that are made, privately address your concerns. 

  • Have Fun! If you’re not enjoying the guild or the environment, there is nothing wrong with that. We would rather you be happy than feel forced to raid with us. Please be vocal with your feelings and we will understand. 

Learn from your mistakes and fix them. When your character dies, you must:


  • Know the reason your character died. If you do not, then you must ask.


  • Determine how to fix the issue. If you do not know, again you must ask.




  • Be prepared to wipe. Countless wipes are expected. Keep a positive attitude. Do not be the person who gets aggravated because you are perfect and others are not. We are a team, and you are not killing any bosses alone. [/li]


  •  Make sure you can make raid on time. Attendance is a huge issue with mythic raid teams. We can only take twenty. Few people will want to be a bench for mythic, and so we must ensure that our team is committed to showing up on time. If you do not make 90% of mythic raids on time, you are welcome to take a bench position. Mythic raiding should be a considerable priority in your life if you wish to become a mythic raider.

Intend to raid for the full duration of the raid tier. You should not be the type of gamer who gets bored after a couple of months. This is not always predictable, but if you dropped out after three bosses last mythic tier, then chances are, you do not have the mentality to be in a mythic team. Consider a bench position where you will occasionally be raiding mythic.


  • Have the mentality of self-improvement. Never be satisfied with your current level of performance. Push for higher. Ask for help![/li]


  • Farm AP. The AP requirement for mythic will be updated based on current progression. The raid calendar invite will give you an idea of what AP is expected each raid.

Contact Info

Raid Leader / Recruitment Officer : Tacothunder#1263

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