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Hi all,

My guild has unfortunately fallen apart and I'm looking for a new home. I currently main a Havok Demon Hunter but I've become bored of the role. If there is a spot available, I've leveled a Prot Pali that I'm having a lot of fun playing and would like to do more with. I haven't done any raids with it since we already had tank spots filled, but I've pug'd into some mythic+'s and didn't have any tank related issues. I also have a Resto Druid and a Hunter that I haven't played in a long time, but *can* play if I have to.

My preference on toons would be Pali>DH>Hunter>Druid but I can be flexible. I'm honestly just burnt out on being DPS. Not that I'm bad at it (not that I'm great either, depending on who's reading), it just feels so monotonous lately.

My toons are:

  1. Protection Paladin ilvl 910 -
  2. Havok Demon Hunter ilvl 926 -
  3. Beast Mastery Hunter ilvl 898 -
  4. Restoration Druid ilvl 901 -
  5. I also have a rogue that I never play but use to make cauldrons for my guild on raid nights

I do have one caveat though: I'm currently stationed in Italy and with a 7hr time difference from US central time, I can only raid on Fri/Sat nights. I do play throughout the week, but the times I play are about 1030-1500 central time. Staying up late enough to connect with the US players is just too much to do on a week day but I do stay up late on the weekends to make scheduled raids.

I prefer doing 10-man raid teams and work well will others. I would like to progress, but since I'm rather new at the game and don't know the little details to max out performance, I could make use of a guild with knowledgeable members to mentor me to grow.

If you have any questions about me or my characters you can reply here, message me on at SuperPants#129708, or reach me on discord at Superpants#7970 (discord will go straight to my phone so I will see it earlier than a reply to this post).


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