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Crusader The Thrill Conquest

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Thanks for all the work putting together these guides! In my attempts, the build really suffered from lack of damage. I made a few changes to focus on BombardmentBombardmentBarrels of SpikesBarrels of Spikes, because it's the only real damage source. I went from not being able to even get 3/4 of the way done to clearing with more than half the clock left.

For my equipment I dropped Vo'Toyias SpikerVo'Toyias Spiker and equipped Akarat's AwakeningAkarat's Awakening. This let me put The Mortal DramaThe Mortal Drama in my cube. For my skills I dropped Laws of HopeLaws of Hope for Steed ChargeSteed ChargeEnduranceEndurance, so I could track down elites and shrines faster. I dropped Hold Your GroundHold Your Ground for Lord CommanderLord Commander as it benefits both the bombardment and steed charge.

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I tend to favor toughness -- I play HC -- so I prefer Unity over Stone of Jordan for this, but I've done it both ways.

I stay closer to the Invoker build for this. I keep Steed ChargeSteed ChargeEnduranceEndurance for mobility. I stick with Laws of JusticeLaws of JusticeDecaying StrengthDecaying Strength and Akarat's ChampionAkarat's ChampionProphetProphet instead of Provoke and Laws of Hope. I play HC, so I keep IndestructibleIndestructible instead of Finery. (You get a 5th passive, of course, with the Hellfire Amulet. I like Lord CommanderLord Commander.) This season I wore Justice LanternJustice Lantern and Convention of ElementsConvention of Elements and cubed UnityUnityDepth DiggersDepth Diggers will work in place of Pox Faulds. I never use Vo'Toyias -- stick with Akarat's AwakeningAkarat's Awakening, with Blood BrotherBlood Brother cubed. Finally, I use Simplicity's StrengthSimplicity's Strength  and Bane of the StrickenBane of the Stricken in place of Trapped and Powerful for ample toughness and a boost vs the rift guardian.

The key to doing enough damage this way is Sanguinary VambracesSanguinary Vambraces. When it procs, everything around you falls down. Ignore all but the biggest packs of trash. Ride the steed to the next elite pack and start hitting. Fire up Akarat's Champion, Consecration, Iron Skin, and Laws of Justice (timed with the CoE physical cycle for max effect). You get surrounded, then boom. Ride to the next pack. The rift guardian may not set off the Vambraces, which is where Bane of the Stricken comes in. You should still be able to chop him down in about two CoE physical cycles.

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