Why did you Re-Spec?

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Hi all,

I've mained the same Character since BC.  Love paladins, love their lore, Fordring is generally my homie, and Ashbringer.  That is all.  

My question is what made you decide to respec?  If you rolled a character for quite some time, why did you switch?  What kept you there to begin with?  Are you still with your initial swap ie haven't respec'd again?  

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I play WoW since open Beta of Vanilla (with a break during Cata/Pandaria) and switched my main twice.

  • hunter -> holy priest (vanilla -> BC)
    There we're two reasons: 1. At the end of vanilla there were so many hunter around, it was a pain in raids to get some gear. 2. Heal was something which was needed everywhere and i really enjoyed it. While DPS wasn't that challengig, heal was even more (basically today it is other way around in my opinion). I joined a "progressguild" and changed server to improve my healingskills :-).
  • holy priest -> prot warrior (middle/end of BC)
    While i was playing holy priest, i got a deeper understanding how a good tank should act and i got fascinated to try it myself. As my guild dismembered  i returned back to my homeserver. As i "dinged" *ding* on maxlevel, i got instantly invited into my friends guild and did my first raidexperience in mount hyjal (with blue/green gear :-D). Yeah, i still play prot warrior and i still play with some friends of that guild. And i think i will be playing it till i quit WoW completely :-)
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Rogue from beta to start of Cata, then I was banned. I wanted to try something new and went Warrior, had a great time in Dragon Soul, then ended up going Rogue again in MoP. Am now a leather-main - Rogue/DH/Monk.

I made the swap to Warrior just because I thought it'd be nice to tank, but I hated it after DS. Gurthalak was great as Arms, but the rest - eh. I only ever play other characters now if I have to for raiding, but it's normally covered by one of my 3.

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