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Hey im currently lvling my lock and i wonder if i have to do all of the zone storyline? If i dont have to will this affect any of the world quest i can do?

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2 hours ago, AcaBaka said:

Hey im currently lvling my lock and i wonder if i have to do all of the zone storyline? If i dont have to will this affect any of the world quest i can do?

I'm not 100% sure but the answer is 'yes' imo.

I leveled my alt to 110 very fast, with 1.5 zones still untouched, and remember that for these zones I got only 'basic' world quests (you still will have some no matter what, so you'd be able to do the emissary cache). When I decided to finish the story lines, some of the line quests turned into WQ that I didn't have before. 

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Well long and short, 

I really don't think you have to do them.  However, After completing the story line you get an 800 iLevel piece of Gear.  This increases your total iLevel and the gear you get in World Quests is better.  My Druid I just got to Friendly with all the fractions and leveled to 110.  My Hunter I finished 2 zones.  I seem to get better gear with that toon as their iLevel was greater.

Just my thoughts.  up to you.  Other thing is you have most of the Flight Paths opened if you did the quest lines.

This patch should unlock world quests at 110.

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