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Alexstrasza Build Guide

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The Dragon Aspect of Life is the latest support to join the Nexus. Learn more about the Hero in our Alexstrasza build guide!

We recently updated our Talent Calculator with Alexstrasza. Kendric is now back with a build guide for the Hero. If you have any questions, feel free to submit them here.

We'll see you in the Nexus!

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After some tries, here's a pretty nice viable Alexstraza build:

1: 25 globes can be a hard and long quest to finish depending the map and your team, so I'd mostly pick the first talent, which is super strong with your 7lv talent

4: I wouldn't recommend taking "Surge of vitality" unless you're realy good with the heroe and can comfortably land your Abundance, the slow is realy good for it's easy to land and provides a realy nice slow, while the "Exuberance" gives you more escape, and since we pick the Lifeblossom letting us heal while being almost always full hp, that comboes nicely.

7: LifeBlossom is extremely powerful, if you can just stay in the backlane and keep yourself up to 75% life, you can almost everytime freely cast your Gift of Life, giving you a 80%+ free Gift Of Life throughout most of the game.

10: While Life-Bender feels kinda nice since you're always almost full-life, binding it to a tank can be both ways realy satisfying, but Cleansing Flame realy is very strong, I would recommend picking Cleansing Flame most of the time, and only pick Life-Bender if there's too much backlane harassment and you need to heal yourself a lot, but even with that, Cleansing flame gives your an awesome escape / chase / quick move to help accross the map, making it the best choice in almost every case

13: that talent realy depends of the team you're playing against, while I would recommend taking "Pacify", Dragon scale can be realy nice to take you out of hard situations, for exemple, against a Valeera Dragon scales can be realy good, but against lots of burst like a Butcher or a Thrall, Pacify can save not only you but the person being targeted by that heroe, so realy watch the other team and if you get controlled too much, you'll know.

16: While we didn't empower Abundance that much, the shield given by "Overprotective" is still realy good, I do like that talent a lot, so I me and my team can desengage, I'll pop an Abundance and everyone will get a nice shield as well as most of their life back, giving us a realy good advantage when re-engaging. "Tough Love" can be nice against physical bursting heroes and "Draconic Discipline" is realy strong in a general matter for the Dragon form is realy strong by itself. I would recommend trying those depending on your lv 20 talent and see what feels best.

20: Ho lord, without hesitation "On Ruby Wings" is the best talent here, as it provides you with a certain dragon form at the end of your ult, I mean, it is realy easy to get those 8 "charges" and getting 15 seconds of Dragon form after landing gives you one of the best possible Engage and can realy turn a fight. I you picked your other ult, I'd take Ancient Flame, it's a nice catcher / desengager and can realy help in any situation, I don't like Blessing of the Red, as it is not that much health added.


So basicaly, both the Q spell and W spell builds are realy strong, while the Q spell build provides more solo burst healing, the W spell can quickly bring your team back to full HP, but requires a LOT more skill and game-time to master.

I do realy like to play Alexstraza when one of my teamate plays Varian with the Fury build, giving us the ability to realy 2v4 in some situations with Varian's self sustaining ability.

Playing with a Leoric can be realy interesting too, your ult and his ult caging them gives you a realy great way of dealing tons of damages while sustaining your team, to come back in Dragon form and having them packed in front of you.


This is in no way  THE ultimate and perfect build guide, but I hope it will help you to understand how to play her a bit.


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