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Why can't I find a line about World of Warcraft professions here on Icy Veins?

I need info on how to get the Mist of Pandaria skills on a 110-char that you

just re-started and changed your profession skills on. I now want to learn 

Alchemy and Engineering from Mist of Pandaria to Legion. How do I do?


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We definitely don't hate them! We just don't really cover them on the site. If you're looking to get Mists of Pandaria recipes, you'll need to go to your profession's trainer in Pandaria. For WoD, you learn them through buying recipes with a once-per-day craftable item. For Legion, it's done through questlines.

For Alchemy - Pandaria is Poisoncrafter Kil'zit in the Klaxxi areas, WoD is through crafting Secrets of Draenor Alchemy and Legion is through numerous questlines obtained while questing and from the trainer in Dalaran.

For Engineering - Pandaria is Sally Fizzlefury in Valley of the Four Winds, WoD is through crafting Secrets of Draenor Engineering and Legion is the same as Alchemy.

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This was actually planned during MoP. We had hired someone to make a tool to find the path to level up depending on your server's auction house. Then came WoD and all the catch up recipes and we gave up all work we had done on profession guides.

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Here is the issue. You tell me about profession-teachers in MOP, Kil'zit and company. The problem I noticed is that non of these trainers have anything for me! They don't sell or teach anything. They just show a blank page as an answer, as it looks when I normally have teached all they have. It's the same problem with engineering as Alchemy, so I suspect that it's the same with all professions. Try it! Kill everything you have in one profession on a 110-lvl-char, then try to get the skills pree-Draenor. You'll dra a big nothing! For exampel take on Alchemy and try to learn to transmute "Living Steel". You'll never get it!

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