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(A)Fluffy Bunnies - Bloodhoof/Duskwood server looking for raiders to build dedicated raid teams. We are in the rebuilding process, but as a casual guild we do have goals to see higher content and looking for raiders who want to experience Antorus, the Burning Throne. Our focus is to complete Heroic content and try to push into getting more people for Mythic (which will be a first for us).  It will take some time to get there but with the help of our officers and other members we will are always willing to help one another out.  We Raid Fridays and Saturdays from 8 to 11pm. Tuesday is our farm night.



Priest: Medium (Heals/Rdps)

Paladin: Low (Dps)

Hunter: Medium (Marks)

Death Knight: Medium (Dps)

Warrior: High (Tank/Dps)

Druid: High (Tank/Rdps)

Demon Hunter: Low (Tank/Dps)

Shaman: Medium (Rdps)

Rogue: High (Ass/Sub)

Monk: Low (Tank/Dps)

Warlock: High

Mage: High


If interested feel free to contact me on btag


“Stay Fluffy” J

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