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Advice for Warrior Deck

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So, I've just started playing Hearthstone on my EU account and I'm trying to make a decent Warrior Deck. Since we intend to cover the game, I've bought a lot of packs and I was wondering if anyone had any advice to offer for a Warrior Deck.

As far as I understand, I should have 2x Ironbreak Owls and 2x Acidic Swamp Oozes, because these cards are like so awesome. I've never played card games before, so any further guidance would be appreciated tongue.png

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Since you're just starting out, it's more important that you actually get some game experience to familiarize yourself with the many different cards (and combinations) that players are likely to use against you rather than trying to come up with some perfect deck right from the start.


That said, there are a few things you'll want to have in pretty much every deck.


1) Low-cost cards. You want to have quite a few low cost cards so that you can play stuff from the first turns of the game, and you aren't sitting there waiting for turns 5 or 6 so you can play your strong minions while the other guy just destroys you. So, you should take useful low-cost neutral minions. The best ones here are the ones that have some kind of additional effect (battlecry, deathrattle), since many of them have 1 health and so they die very quickly to classes with damaging hero powers (most notably Mages).


So, you'll want cards like the Elven Archer (does 1 damage when played, allowing you to take out an opposing 1-health minion, or weaken another one), the Leper Gnome (does 2 damage to the other hero when he dies, making him quite profitable for 1 mana, unless he gets silenced or polymorphed/hexed, which is unlikely), the Loot Hoarder (draws a card for you when he dies), the Novice Engineer (draws 1 card for you when played), and so on. You get the idea.


2) Silences and removals. This is important because you have to have counters to other strong cards players have. As far as silences go, your only options as a Warrior are the Ironbeak Owls and the Spellbreakers. I personally find that these cards are essential to your success, so you should seriously consider having both Owls in, as well as one Spellbreaker (or even two if you want, it's a pretty solid 4/3 minion anyway). For removals, you'll need to look inside your Warrior tool-set, where the obvious one is Execute, which can quickly and cheaply bring down any minion, no matter how strong, as long as it's coupled with something like Slam or Cleave.


3) Taunts. How many taunts you play (or if you play any at all...) is up to your preferred playstyle, but when starting out I think you'll find it beneficial to have a few taunt cards in your deck. The Sen'jin Shieldmasta in particular is very good, so I'd advise you to get two of those, as well as something else like the Ironfur Grizzly or the Mogu'shan Warden.


The rest of your deck should be made up of any good cards you have, Warrior-specific or neutral. A lot of the Warrior cards are really great, so you'll want to pick some up, especially stuff like Battle Rage (draws 1 card for each damaged character, and this includes heroes), which will give you exceptional drawing power, and stuff like the Arcanite Reaper or even the Fiery War Axe, which allow you to clear the board while not sacrificing your own minions to do so.


Past this point, just get whatever else you can get. Notable mentions are Whirlwind (very useful for killing stealthed Warlock Blood Imps, or just damaging all characters to set up a strong Battle Rage), the Kor'kron Elite (has charge), and the Frothing Berserker (this guy is amazing if you can protect him behind some taunts).

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A lot of good points above!


I think a lot of gameplay can be learned from just familiarising yourself with a lot of the cards available, and as it is still relatively early in the games development you can learn ALOT just through playing!


If you manage to get most (or all) classes to level 10 then you should have played enough to understand the majority of basic cards - especially the neutral ones and how they can be utilised to create your deck.


An important thing to note is that you only have 30 cards!  It does sound a lot but if you have tried creating one, then by the time you put a few here a few there you almost have a full deck!


As the game continues to grow, the better decks will become "themed" and crafted around a particular sort of setup.  Whether that is based around a single card (or a few choice cards) is all dependant on your play style.


One thing I do like about Hearthstone so far, is that the majority of classes have a number of ways of removing key components from a rivals deck.  So cards like "Hex" for shaman "Polymorph" for the mage etc.  For this reason I don't like building my deck around 1-2 cards as they can be neutralised very easily against a number of classes.


For the warrior specifically - cards like Ironbeak Owl are pretty much essential as you don't have many options, Spellbreaker being a good choice as well! Like Vlad said a 4/3 minion is fairly useful anyway.


Cards like Brawl (all but one random minion is destroyed), Whirlwind, Cleave etc can help gain decent board control like Vlad mentioned.


I've toyed with the idea of creating a warrior deck based on direct damage (through the neutral minions on summoning), weapon damage like heroic strike (+4 hero damage) and also charge Warsong Commander giving all minions charge etc.  I've had a few instances where I have let them feel they have board control then use direct damage (like Elven Archer + more expensive versions) to clear any taunting opposing minions, giving them charge and dealing a LOT of damage in a single turn.


I am really enjoying hearthstone at the moment though.  

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I've been playing mainly Warrior (after getting all classes to 10 to unlock all the cards and get the extra gold). Made it to 2-star gold and kind of hit a wall, the players are quite smart at this level and don't let you get away with even the smallest error. Plus they're all playing Priest. Anyway, I built it around the idea that Garrosh himself is the main event, not the minions. His weapons do a tremendous amount of damage, especially with a Mortal Strike buff applied. So accordingly, cards like Shield Block and healing minions become as important as the control cards. Personally, I don't play any taunts in that deck - it's the only one where I leave them out. It succeeds if you're able to burst the hero down and manage incoming damage. Its biggest counter is the Warlock, which can destroy weapons and has an even larger burst capability.

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I've been playing mainly Warrior (after getting all classes to 10 to unlock all the cards and get the extra gold). Made it to 2-star gold and kind of hit a wall, the players are quite smart at this level and don't let you get away with even the smallest error. Plus they're all playing Priest. Anyway, I built it around the idea that Garrosh himself is the main event, not the minions. His weapons do a tremendous amount of damage, especially with a Mortal Strike buff applied. So accordingly, cards like Shield Block and healing minions become as important as the control cards. Personally, I don't play any taunts in that deck - it's the only one where I leave them out. It succeeds if you're able to burst the hero down and manage incoming damage. Its biggest counter is the Warlock, which can destroy weapons and has an even larger burst capability.

Just wanted to point out that destroying weapons is not exclusive to Warlocks. Every class can do it through the same neutral minions.

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Regarding the Ironbreak Owls and Acidic Swamp Oozes, since there is a limitation for the card amount in a deck, I think it's enough to carry one for each of them, leave some positions for some other awesome cards.

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      Wow, they’re really not holding back with hand disruption this set. One (nearly) guaranteed discard is pretty impactful and becomes a must-remove card in any control matchup. This card will absolutely crush the hearts of some Big Spell Mages in the coming months, that’s for sure.
      It should be noted that this discard, the devs have confirmed to us that it will trigger your opponent’s “Whenever you discard a card” effects. So try and clear a Discard Warlock's Tiny Knight of Evil and perhaps try to play around having Suffocating Shadows or Soul Barrage trigger in that matchup. 

      To round off the control toolbox from this expansion, we’ve got a pretty unique effect here. Hopefully, this doesn’t end up being too easy to play around for savvy opponents. You could pre-empt this by running out a Blademaster Okani first and baiting out your opponent into playing a small spell first. But still, while the effect will only be as game-changing as your opponent’s last spell, getting any meaningful spell off seems pretty nice.
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      New Keyword: Infuse
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      New Card Type: Locations
      Castle Nathria is like no place Hearthstone has ever been before. Explore the castle grounds through the all-new Location card type! Locations are played onto the battlefield for an initial cost, and then have an ability that can be activated for free on your turns, each time for a powerful effect. Each activation costs 1 Durability and has a 1-turn Cooldown. Every class gets their own Location card in Castle Nathria which represents where they claim their suspect was at the time of the murder, and synergizes with the themes of the class.

      Locations Gameplay Preview with Brian Kibler and Designer Leo Robles Gonzalez
      Want to get a longer look at the new Location card type? Join Brian Kibler and Game Designer Leo Robles Gonzalez as they explore the new Location card type, try them out in a couple games, and reveal some more new cards! Join them on Friday, July 1, at 11 a.m. (Pacific) on Twitch and Youtube!

      Prince Renathal Login Reward Available Now!
      Log in to Hearthstone to get your first hint at what Castle Nathria holds with the complimentary Prince Renathal Legendary minion!* Grow more powerful as you draw more souls to your cause with 40 life and a 40-card starting deck! Add him to your collection and see what you can do when you have more space to work with.

      * Limited one per account. After Patch 24.6, Prince Renathal will be granted upon opening your first Murder at Castle Nathria card pack instead of upon logging in.
      Pre-Purchase Murder at Castle Nathria
      The Murder at Castle Nathria Mega Bundle includes 80 Murder at Castle Nathria card packs, 5 Golden Murder at Castle Nathria card packs, two random Murder at Castle Nathria Legendary cards, the Sire Denathrius Warrior hero skin, the Denathrius card back, the Sandy Shores Battlegrounds Board, and 10 Mercenaries Packs!*

      The Murder at Castle Nathria Bundle includes 60 Murder at Castle Nathria card packs, 2 random Murder at Castle Nathria Legendary cards, and the Denathrius card back!

      * Battleground Perks are not included in the Mega Bundle pre-purchase this time. We’re reworking how Battlegrounds Perks and rewards work for next Battlegrounds season. Until then, some of the current Perks are being extended. Check out the Patch Notes and stay tuned for more details.

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