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Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new to the game and my first char is a Frost Mage, which I started at level 100 so I can see if the endgame can keep me playing. I've been told to get my crit to 33%. I read all the skills and I figure out the rotations on my own. To get better I watched some guides afterwards and improved. Then I found the Frost Mage guide on Icy Veins and changed few things. I still have problems with my dps. I have a friend that has a Frost Mage (gear score about 890) and does way more dps than I (gear score 931). I showed him my rotation and he said that it's fine. We couldn't figure out why I do less dmg than he is. He pointed out that he has 10% more Versatility. Does this change the dps so drastically? My Crit and Haste are on 33%, Mastery on 36% and Versatility an 6%. I couldn't get any good items with Versatility to be honset. What can I do? Where can I get some items with this Stat?

Thank you in advance.

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First I would recommend you post in the >Mage section< and also follow the >Pinned Guidelines<

This will give people the necessary information needed to help you.

As you might have noticed, the is a Frost Mage DPS Stat Priority topic under the frost mage guide discussing the Stat weights after you reach 30% Crit.


Versatility: 1.46
Haste: 1.44
Intellect: 1.00
Mastery: 0.94
Critical Strike: 0.86

It is suggested you insert the above values into an addon called Pawn.

With Titanforging it is hard suggesting where to get better gear, since everything can be a potential upgrade.

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