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K&C Review overview

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@Aleco if you don't like it that I use your review ratings for this feel free to lock or delete my post, I will not be upset. But I agree with your current ratings, so even if I would do my own ratings they would have very very similar numbers :)

I like Alecos' Rating and I wanted to create an overview seeing all at once to compare which class might benefit most from K&C. I will add the missing ratings once Aleco has posted his review of them.
Average (meaning per card) Power and Versatility are simply divided by the number of cards (10 for class cards, 45 for neutrals). Average total is the two average values divided by 2.

You can find all the reviews written by Aleco here: Kobolds & Catacombs Set Review.

Class Cards:

  Power Versatility Average Power Average Versatility Average Total
Druid 26 20 2,6 2,0 2,3
Hunter 32 21 3,2 2,1 2,65
Mage 28 20 2,8 2,0 2,4
Paladin 33 23 3,3 2,3 2,8
Priest 32 19 3,2 1,9 2,55
Rogue 32 22 3,2 2,2 2,7
Shaman 25 19 2,5 1,9 2,2
Warlock 30 26 3,0 2,6 2,8
Warrior 29 20 2,9 2,0 2,45

Neutral Cards:

  Power Versatility Average Power Average Versatility Average Total


100 76 2,22 1,69 1,95

Note: Aleco doesn't rate Tech-Cards at all but for the sake of the overview I gave those four cards a rating of 3/1 each.

The sets total average per card is about 2,48.

Maybe some of the cards will turn out to be better or worse but if the ratings are not totally wrong (and I really doubt that) this value is very underwhelming. In other words: There are a few good cards who keep this rating from being totally devastating and many many bad cards making it a set of a lot of disappointments when opening packs.

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Thanks for putting this together, I think think this is really cool. I would have never guessed that Paladin would have received the highest average rating!

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Actually I wanted to do it only for myself but then I thought "I've put some time and work (work means copy your ratings :D) into it so why not share it?" If at least a few find it interesting it's fine and not a waste :)

And I'm already curious how accurate the ratings are. Not only yours, in general. Think about how many rated Kaleseth totally bad :D

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