[US-Medivh][H] <Supremacy> 4/14H LF R/El Shaman & 5% sHaste

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<Supremacy> is a long standing guild that has had raiding success since BC.
We are located on US-Medivh (EST).

We are looking for a 530+ ilvl geared raiders of the following classes:
Resto Sham (With a strong Elem OS)
Shadow Priest, Boomkin, or Hunter

Raiding times: Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8pm-11pm EST.

Guild provides Noodle Carts, all repairs, and a stocked gbank, including potions and flasks.

What is expected of you:
Punctual, prepared with consumables and strats, able to listen and follow directions, working headset, ability to perform.

If interested contact:

or visit the guild website at :



A video from our Holy Pally's PoV (His channel has our other vids)

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