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[Burning Legion][A]<IRONFIST>(0/9N) LF All

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Hello there! I'm Kendow from IRONFIST! We're currently putting together the numbers needed to rebuild our wow division. With that said there currently isn't any progression, as for most of us are returning to wow after many months and years.
IRONFIST has existed as an active gaming community for over a decade, and has included hundreds of members brought together over dozens of online video games throughout the years.

IRONFIST is currently rebuilding the World of Warcraft division within our community. We seek friendly, like minded individuals who care passionately about the games they play, and would like to belong to a community that is bigger than themselves. We encourage people who join to be open to other games within the community, however, this isn't a requirement and are happy to have individuals who focus entirely on one game. Currently we have need for all classes, and levels within the World of Warcraft realm. 

If IRONFIST sounds appealing to you, and you would like to be a part of our rebuilding phase, and make new friends, or just looking for a place to hangout on the weekends; I encourage you to give IRONFIST a try. At this point in time we are heavily recruiting for World of Warcraft's legion, and  future expansion. We are looking to raid in the future.

If you feel IRONFIST would be a good fit for you come check us out at www.ironfistgaming.com and if you would like to join please fill out an application to our gaming community. We are an 18+ community, and use discord for comms. 

You can reach me at Kendow#11345 Btag, or through our website, as Kendow31.

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