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<Allegiance> Hello we are semi-hardcore 2 night a week raiding guild and This guild was established in late nighthold raid to be ready for Tomb of Sargeras and it was our frist tier and we killed 3 bosses in Mythic difficulty and now we looking to refine our rosters with dedicated friendly players, to help with Mythic progression in Antorus .

Is allegiance the guild for you ?
If you are searching for guild that have relaxed/serious atmosphere and having fun doing raid then yes allegiance can offer that to you .

What we offer :
- Lots of loot! Don't worry much about your current gear level now .(see Loot policy)
- Progression raiding in a relaxed atmosphere! 
- People will help for your M+ keystones! 

What we want :
- Dedication: learn the fights and show up for raids!
- Class knowledge: know the abilities and limits of your class!
- Willingness to improve: be able to receive feedback & act on it!
- A sense of humor: be able to take jokes and participate in /G & Discord! 

Loot policy and addone :
We use RCLootCouncil addon
Who has priority to receive the loot ?
1- 2 Set and 4 set.
2- Best in slot item.
3- Better Stat item.
4- ilvl upgrade (str/agi/int).
5- off specte.
**All above mentioned policies apply to all members in the Raid**

Currently recruiting :
Healer ( preferred not monk )
RDPS ( preferred balance druid ) 
All classes will be taken into account

**all classes are welcome to join our member rank in the guild**

Raid times :
- Wednesday 20:00-23:00 ST (Mythic ABT progress)
- Monday 20:00-23:00 ST (HC ABT progress)

The Previous:
9/9HC & 3/9M Tomb of Sargeras ( 10% sister and stopped to prepare for Antorus )

Current progress :
 11/11 Normal 8/11HC Antorus

Contact information :

Please apply :

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