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<Remnants of Darkness> is looking for more raiders. We raid Tu/Wd 8-11 Est - If you can make this schedule and are interested in raiding, hit me up.

We have, as a guild, achieved every AotC available this expansion and will obtain the one for AtBT as well. If you would like to try and be a part of our little raid family then hit us up in-game and we can talk about it.

We will begin our progress in Heroic Throne on January 9th. (we decided to wait until after the holidays to attack heroic progression)

We will be moving into the next expansion as a raiding guild as well.

Wow Progress

If interested, please reach out to:
Squidsalot#11464 - GM/Raid Leader
Dzargul#1938 - Raid Lead and Officer
Theundies#1447 - Officer
Mastalan#1350 - Officer
Verthal#1426 - Officer
JenniferLary#1990 - Officer

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