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I need a little help [EU]

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Hello guys,


I'm here for some help.


So I was playing on Silvermoon, but moved to Magtheridon EU because Silvermoon is too crowded and unbalanced (90A / 10H).


However I would like to recreate my bank guild, but nobody willing to sign my charter :(


So here is the deal!

If you have 10 seconds of your life and your playing on EU please log in to Magtheridon, create new HUMAN character and /w Tyrick.


I will log on my bank character (I'm sitting on the human starting area)

If you happen to play on Magtheridon, tell me your main character name and I will send 50g.


Another important thing, DO NOT delete your character right after you sign up, because it wont count.


Thank you! :)

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