[Dalaran][A] <Descendance> (1/11M) LF Ranged Dps

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Descendance is a raiding guild focused on clearing content while maintaining a calm environment. We are currently 1/11M in antorus and are going to be pushing through mythic. We also are in desperate need of players who log on for more than raid nights and enjoy playing the game.

Raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday with an optional night on Monday. All of these nights start at 8:30 EST and end at 11:30 EST and all raiders are expected to be on time and prepared every night.

We run EPGP for our loot system, and if you are unaware of what this is, then simply stated showing up for raid gives you Effort Points (EP) which are then divided by your Gear Points (GP), which are given to players for receiving loot. This causes an even distribution of loot amongst the guild.

If you are interested please add me on btag (Korah#11719) or go to my stream at Twitch.tv/korahhao We would love to have you!

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