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❗️[H][Bleeding Hollow]<Ascension> 2/11M, Tues/Wed 9PM-12AM EST

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Who we are:
A semi-hardcore raiding guild that likes to have fun but kill bosses quickly (with minimal wiping). Many of us have been raiding together since vanilla; but we are a somewhat recent reform focused heavily on end game progression. In addition to guild sponsored raids we coordinate optional off night/alt raids, mythic keys, pvp, and host random guild events. We are looking for raiders, but socials are welcome as well and may trial to raid once ready.


What we’re looking for in raiders:
• 100% raid attendance (or close to it, RL happens).
• Mythic/Heroic experience.
•Ability to effectively communicate via discord.
• Quick to adapt/learn.
• Warcraftlogs prepared to review previous experience/parses.
• 75+ artifact, 940+ILVL.


Raid schedule: Tues/ Wed 9PM-12AM EST


Currently recruiting the following:
Death Knight
Demon Hunter
Druid - Feral/Boomkin
Priest - Disc/Shadow


Exceptional applicants will always be considered even if we are not recruiting your class/spec.


Contact info:

Battlenet: Cbegs#1551 / Surie#11388 / Grimms#1419

Discord: Cbegs#3780 / Alex31#0543 / Grimms#2871

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Removed region from your title. Please add a realm where I have put a question mark in the title. It is nowhere to be found in your post.

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