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Fury Varimathras help

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Hey Djingy,

You have serious problems in your rotations which cost you round about 300k dps.

1. Ability Priority

You prioritize RB over BT which is not worth it. Your priority list on ST encounters should be: (100Rage) RP -> BT -> RB -> FS

2. BC Rotation

The false prioritation is also your main problem while BC.

Your opener is: BC-RP-RB-RB-BT-RB-RB-BT

Why you completely ignore to cast OF? OF is a significant Dmg ability which should not be ignored until Execute starts. Not to mention the rage gain proc.

While BC is active you should try to cast as many rampages as possible. In a good situation with enough Rage gain you will be able to cast 3 buffed Rampages. Or at least 2,5 buffed Rampages.

This means your rotation should change to: BC-RP-OF-BT-RP-RB-BT-RP

Additionally you don't wait for FB to proc while BC.


Your execute rotation is fine.

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How odd, I was going by what my sims told me to prioritize.

According to Simcraft, BC windows should go like this: BC>RP>RBx2>BT>RP>RB (RP do not have to be 100 rage),

leaving Odyn's Fury out completely.

and outside of BC it said: 100 rage RP>BT>RB>FS


I was probably using an out of date Simcraft, huh?


Thanks for clearing it up.


Edited by Djingy

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