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Ferocity is one of the oldest and friendliest guilds on Darkspear and we’re currently looking for players to expand our roster of casual raiders for Normal, Heroic raids and Mythic + dungeons.

We’re not looking for specific classes so anyone is welcome to join, What we’re looking for are players who want to do casual raiding with very little pressure and we will help gear up lower ilvl players if needed.

We raid Friday and Monday 7.30ish-10ish pm UK time.

Language can be a bit spicy in guild chat and discord but we don’t have an age restriction of applicants but be aware d**k and f**t jokes are possible, nay, likely.

Overall we’re a bunch of chill guys and girls who have a bit of fun in the game and that’s all we ask of you.

If you’re interested please hit up any member of Ferocity in game or join our Discord:

Sabine (GL)

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