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(EU) Silvermoon [A] Symbiotic Ubiquity - 10 man 5/14 HC

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Website : http://www.symbiotic-ubiquity.co.uk - register on the forum and fill in the Application form that appears on the menu.
Progress: 5/14HC T16

Symbiotic Ubiquity are recruiting for our 10man Raiding roster.
We currently have 2 spots open:

1. Melee DPS: Preferably a Rogue (high priority)
2. Druid DPS with (well geared) Healing OS (high priority)
3. Any spec/class with suitable Heroic Raiding experience and progression

Our raiding times are:
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 2100 to 00.00 SERVER TIME.
We occasionally add a Tuesday (same times) if we have had to miss a raid due to connection issues, personal commitments etc

Symbiotic Ubiquity have been raiding since ICC and have made HC Progress in every tier since we were formed.
We have a great raiding attitude - we want to maximise progression, but also want you to have fun along the way, so we would class ourselves as semi-hardcore.
We are looking for players with a similar attitude, and similar progression as ourselves over the last few tiers - heroic raiding experience is a must.
Players should be mature - over 21 preferable, but not 100% necessary.
We are currently looking to expand our raiding team due to having one player about to leave (work commitments), but we would also like to boost our roster with players who do not mind being sat out on occasion as we would like to increase our currrent raiding roster from 10 to 12/13 people.
Currently, we only have 10 people geared/experienced for Heroic progression and would like to give ourselves more leeway to cover absenteeism wink.png
The ability to use/talk on mumble (in English) is a must - if you cannot communicate with your raid group regarding ideas, cooldowns etc, then HC progression is not suitable for you.

If you feel you are the sort of person we are looking for, drop by our website, register on the forum, and fill in the application form that appears in the menu once you are registered and logged in.

BE WARNED: Silvermoon is one of the biggest servers in the EU, and as such has Queue times of approx one hour at our raid times, so you would need to  be able to log in at least an hour before raid start times.

Hope to talk to you in-game

Boradan - Officer Symbotic Ubiquity - Silvermoon (EU)

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